Happy 11th Birthday Blanket Jackson!

Name: Prince ‘Blanket’ Michael Jackson II

Parents: Michael Jackson

Date of Birth: February 21, 2002

Siblings: Prince, 16, & Paris, 14


♥ He is commonly referred to as ‘Blanket’

♥ Blanket was carried by a surrogate mother and born in La Mesa, California

♥ On November 20, 2002, daddy Michael caused a widespread uproar when he brought his newborn son onto the balcony of his Berlin hotel room and, as fans stood below, draped a cloth loosely over Blanket’s face and briefly extended him over a railing, four stories about ground level

♥ Michael went through great lengths to conceal his children’s appearance in public. As a result, Blanket and his siblings were often seen wearing masks, scarves, and shawls over their faces when they were out

♥ His godfather is Mark Lester, star of the 1968 movie Oliver

♥ Blanket & his siblings tragically lost their father in 2009

♥ Since that loss, they have been in the custody of their paternal grandmother Katherine Jackson and Michael’s nephew Tito ‘TJ’ Jackson

♥ Accompanied by Prince and Paris, Blanket spoke to his late father’s fans during his funeral in 2009 and again in January 2010, accepting a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award for Michael Jackson at the Grammy Awards show

♥ He and his siblings attended private school in California

♥ We often spot Blanket coming out of his karate classes and chumming around with his older siblings and cousins


“It’s an expression I use with my family, I say, ‘You should blanket me … you should blanket her with something, meaning a blanket is a blessing, it’s a way of showing love and caring.” – Michael on how son received his nickname.

“As soon as you turn your back, he shoots at you and you’re left soaking wet.” – uncle Jermaine Jackson on his nephew being the prankster of the family and toting a water gun around.

“Blanket adored [Michael’s songs]. He could easily be the next Michael Jackson. He loved to dance with his dad and Michael taught him to do the moonwalk.” – A family friend, on Blanket’s love for his father’s music.

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  • Eva

    i thought he was the only one still in Homeschooling?

    • Ann

      He is.

  • LaKesha

    Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

  • Ann

    Happy Birthday Blanket! <3

  • Anonymous

    Amy Winehouse wants her hair back.

    • LaKesha

      You do realize that the bump on top is not his, but a kid standing behind him.

  • kay

    Seriously anonymous? Look again, it is not his hair. You are seeing the head of the person behind him. And even if it was his hair why do people feel it is acceptable to pick on a child just because it is in a public forum?

  • Tracy

    All three kids do not look nothing like Michael Jackson, was a blood test ever taken?

    • Jazmine

      No and yes they do if you morph a mj pic and his children then you see they look very simalar

  • ina

    happy b;day blanket

  • ina

    i miss u

  • Allana

    Hi I like blanket

  • MJJ fan

    Me and my sis say that he looks just like his dad.

  • Blanket is 11 and I am 10
    My nickname is Brie
    I was born on October 1 2002
    Blanket was born on February 22 2002
    I’m a person who pranks too
    My mom hanged me over a balcony too isn’t that weird
    The only thing we don’t have in common is that I was not a test tube baby

  • kayla jarrett

    Umm are u telling a lie About what u are saying ? Cause what u are saying right now well the age might be true but the balcony part I can’t believe…..

  • kayla jarrett

    Blanket looks so much like his dad

  • You better believe it i was just like blanket I’m even thinking of making a show about his family it’s pretty cool i guest as for Kayla Jerret Im not lying dude
    btw I’m a tomboy and my dad loves me very much

  • Happy birthday Michael

    We miss you

  • litzahaya

    I’m 11 and blanket is 11
    My birthday is febuary 21,2002 like blanket
    I’m in 6th grade and blanket is in 6th grade
    And they call me litza
    The only thing is differnt is that I’m a girl his a boy
    And I think he’s cute

    • Jazmine

      I am 12 and so is blanket (Well now he is 12)
      I am in the 6th grade my hair is strait and long and dark brown but in a giirl way I live in los angles to but the only things we don’t have in common isi am Indian so my skin is darker

  • Hannah

    Me and him are one month apart and I really like him I might have a chance with him depending on the future:-)

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