Heather McDonald’s Mommy Confessions

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What do you think of Heather McDonald‘s mommy confessions?

To promote her second book of comedic essays, My Inappropriate Life, the Chelsea Lately writer and star opened up in a video blog about why raising three young children in southern California isn’t always glam.

“Most moms would never admit that they made a mistake and most moms would protect their children, but I am not most moms,” the 42-year-old After Lately personality said. “I have to sell a book and I’m very honest that I’m not a perfect mother.”

“But neither are my kids,” she added. “There are sometimes that I look at other kids and I wish that mine were like them, and I’m not afraid to say it. There’s times when my kids misbehave and I say, ‘Would you like to try and find another mother? Maybe one in India? I heard that they have some fun rocks to play with. And maybe Rashid would like to come here and play with your Xbox.’”

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  • smh

    I find her comment about india and rocks extremely racist!
    Does she think that children in India have no toys and everybody is poor??

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