Helen Hunt’s Highly Unique Path To Conception

Helen Hunt

From our friends at BabyCenter.com! By Sara McGinnis.

Helen Hunt is convinced an Indian guru helped her conceive daughter Makena. The actress, proud mom of the now 8-year-old, recently explained to David Letterman how spiritual master Sri Chinmoy helped her become pregnant.

“He lifted people that he felt had achieved something, that had contributed something to the world… (Archbishop) Desmond Tutu, Muhammad Ali and me,” Helen Hunt explained of the guru’s practice of literally lifting people above his head.“I went with my goddaughter… and we pull into this place and women open the car door and they’re dressed in, like, floral gowns, and they walk me into this garden,” the 49-year-old continued. “Then I get on this contraption, walk up four steps and he lifted me up.”

Convinced the encounter played a part in her ability to conceive, she added, “I wanted to have a baby and he was encouraging me to pray and not give up and I did have a beautiful daughter, so he was right.”

Helen Hunt gave birth to daughter Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan on May 13, 2004, just one month shy of her 41st birthday.

Was Helen Hunt’s guru encounter instrumental in her conceiving, or just a coincidence?

As a not-so spiritual person, I’m inclined to think the latter, though I also don’t believe it really matters much. Makena made it here, made a woman longing for a child a mother, and that’s the real end of the story!

My two pregnancies came about with classic, rather than unique, help. The first was achieved during a holiday snow storm (what else are you going to do when cooped up?), the second with copious amounts of vino. Classy, I know.

What, or perhaps, who (other than your partner) was instrumental in helping you conceive?

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