Hilary Duff: It’s Hard Balancing Work & Motherhood

It’s been a balancing act for Hilary Duff since welcoming her first child, son Luca Cruz, last March.

“It’s hard to be away [from Luca],” she tells Life & Style. “I did a guest spot on Raising Hope…. I was so happy to be on a set again…but it was hard. I also had a day of [thinking darkly], I need to get home — what am I doing away from my baby?”

She goes on to talk about juggling her career and family life.

“Honestly, it’s such an adjustment,” the actress, 25, admits about being a new mom. “It’s a huge change and it took a few months for me to be like, ‘Okay, this is me now, this is who I am now, this is how I do things now.'”

And don’t expect another pregnancy announcement soon from the Lizzie McGuire alum and her hockey star hubby, Mike Comrie.

“I’m not trying to have [another] baby any time soon,” she shared.

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  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t have to work if she doesn’t want to and has tons of help. Not a lot of sympathy for her.

    • Elizabeth

      I know. Celebrities say how hard it is, but they have assistants/nannies/housekeepers and probably chefs, too. I’m sure she’s a great mom. but for once I would love a celebrity to say I have it easy, I have a lot of help. I mean, a live-in nanny is like a 2nd mom!

  • Anonymous9

    A one week guest shot is not “working”. Get back to me when you drop the kid off at a sitter at 7:00 a.m. and spend 40 hours a week sitting in a cubicle trying to figure out how to make the mortgage payment. Clueless.

  • Anabelle

    I really don’t get what she’s complaining about. I act and I always bring my kids with me, and that’s without the ability to finance a live-in nanny! Sets these days do accomodate little ones and when I’m not filming I’m able to run off and play with my kids. xx

  • Meghan

    I don’t think she’s really complaining. She’s more saying how hard it is to leave the baby and go back to work. All mom’s go through that. I really don’t see why some of you are making it into a big deal.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s because she doesn’t actually work. She’s trying to piggyback on the how tough it is to be a working mom bandwagon without actually going to work.

      • anonymous

        I’m not trying to defend her but I can see where she’ coming from. How hard was it for you to leave your baby for the first time for an extended period? She also isn’t just an actress. She’s working on her music and she also has her own clothing line. I’ve also never seen him out without either her or Mike, not all celebs rely on a nanny.

  • Anonymous

    Well, she has to work because it’s not like her husband does. Someone has to make money.

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t matter that neither of them are working now. They’ve earned enough in their lives to not have to work again, as long as they don’t spend like fools.

    • Anonymous

      Her husband’s family owns a furniture retailing empire in Canada. I don’t think either of them has to worry about money ever.

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