Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Welcome Baby No. 1: Sebastian Taylor Thomaz

Congratulations to Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa!

After months of preparation and anticipation – much of it documented on Twitter and Instagram – the couple welcomed their first child today, a boy named Sebastian Taylor Thomaz.

The rapper Tweeted the happy news today, writing, “Happy Birthday Sebastian ‘The Bash’ Taylor Thomaz!!! Everyone welcome this perfect young man into the world.”

Though Amber had expressed her desire for a natural, home birth, it looks like things may not have gone according to plan: Shortly before announcing the birth, Wiz shared a photo of himself wearing scrubs and a face mask in what appears to be a hospital.

Baby Sebastian arrived just a couple of days ahead of schedule.

“My due date isn’t until Feb 24th & this is my first baby so he may come early he may come late but either way he’ll be here soon,” Amber Tweeted earlier this week.

Congratulations to them!

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Mary

    Congrats and to be honest I was not expecting such a beautiful name for a little boy. Love it!

    • anonymous

      I wasn’t expecting his name to be, well, normal. But it’s a beautiful name!

      • An33

        Agreed! I was just thinking the other day what a strong, great name Sebastian is.

  • arabella

    i’m shocked out all celebrities amber and wiz given their son a normal name.

  • klutzy_girl

    Sebastian’s one of my favorite names, so I love it. Congratulations to them!

  • Anonymous

    Nice name!

  • AvaElizabeth

    I really don’t like her, but the name of the boy is a very positive suprise. Really beautiful and normal name.

    I remember, that she wanted to have a homebirth (or am I wrong?)
    Looks like something didn’t work like planned because he’s in scrubs?

  • Anie

    A normal name wow! You don’t see this everyday from celebrities.

  • LaKesha

    I bet he’s beautiful like his parents.

  • Someone

    Just goes to show you can have all the planning you want but sometimes baby changes things up on you! All that matters is that mother and son are healthy. Congrats to them both…strong manly name, I like that. She is really pretty, not too many women can pull off that look.

  • Dana

    I’ll echo everyone else and say that is a very nice proper name! I am surprised as well!

    I actually think they are a cute couple and think amber has a nice attitude and is very pretty. I was rooting for their homebirth, but am happy to hear that both mama and baby are healthy. Hope Amber’s delivery was not traumatic and that she is not disappointed that her plans didn’t work out!

  • Sam

    Also shocked they picked a normal name!

  • Lizzie

    Yes but as you all can read above, they’ll most likely be referring to their son as “The Bash”

  • musiclover

    I love the name Sebastian! Congrats to them 🙂

  • kamila

    Add me to the list of people who’s jaw dropped at the nice name they gave him. I was NOT expecting it. Seems like he maybe arrived by c-section since (at least here in Toronto hospitals), the dads don’t wear scrubs and masks in the delivery rooms. My husband was in jeans and a t shirt for our daughter’s hospital birth last year! LOL. Hopefully there were no emergencies that prompted a c-section. Congrats to them!

  • Lynn in the South

    I am shocked by the name. I just hope and pray he will have responsible and at least somewhat normal parents.

  • Jen

    Aww I’m happy for them! I really enjoyed seeing her pics during the pregnancy. She seems like she was really happy and ready for the baby. Good luck to them!

  • denise

    Congratulations, love his name.

  • Micaela

    That is a beautiful name. Can’t wait to see baby. Congratulations!

  • chbian

    love the name… its beautiful..

  • Tee

    Same here, I wondered if Wiz was the father when I saw the name. Nice 😉

  • Anabelle

    I can’t stand the name Sebastian, but that’s just my own opinion =)
    Still, credit to them for picking something that wasn’t pretentious like a lot of celebrities.

    The name makes me think of Jonathan Taylor Thomas lol. x

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