Kendra Wilkinson’s Son Discovers Playboy Photo

It looks like Kendra Wilkinson has some explaining to do!

During a recent interview with Celebrity Jabber at an OK! magazine‘s Grammy Event, the upcoming Splash star opened up about her little man Hank IV getting a first hand look at her colorful Playboy past.

“He sees this naked photo of me on Hank’s [Baskett] bathroom mirror,” she reveals. “It’s me on the beach, naked for Playboy and little Hank comes in and goes, ‘Mama what are you doing here?’”

“I’m like, ‘Mama’s swimming in the ocean!’ And he’s like, ‘But you’re so dirty!’ I was like, ‘I’m just swimming, I’m swimming!’” she adds.

Kendra also opened up about her son’s personality.

“He’s not so little anymore,” she says. “He’s 3-years-old but he acts like he’s 23-years-old. He runs rules on us. I’m not joking. He is like an old Italian grump stuck in this little baby body. He is so mean. He’s very respectful, he’s not like a bully, but he’s just mean.”

“This is the funnest age yet,” she adds. “I’m learning as I go. It’s funny because everyone was saying what are you going to do in those moments when he sees a naked photo? Well it happened already. I reacted the best way I could’ve. It’s fun.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Someone

    This girl is just gross

  • Heather

    I love Kendra and baby Hank is adorable!

  • Anabelle

    Can’t stand Kendra but there’s no denying that that is one gorgeous little boy. x

  • Ivy

    Why would he have a naked picture of his wife in the bathroom, for anyone to see? Such a classy family….

    • NYCMommy

      perhaps he uses it when he is having “ALONE TIME”. they do spend alot of time apart. LOL

    • coco

      I’m guessing it’s the private bathroom, like the master bedroom’s bathroom, not the one where their guests or everybody else go to.. I see nothing wrong in having “spicy” photos in their private rooms.. Obviously, as this post shows, there’s the risk that children see it, but certainly not random people.

      • soudio

        It’s already been in the Playboy magazine, exactly how many people and perverts have already seen it? Does it really matter what bathroom wall, or mirror it’s on? Soon and very soon this child and the next one will find out what their mother’s former life was all about! Then just wait for them to try and discipline them, what could they possibly do that could compete with what a live in Playboy bunny’s life was like sharing a mansion with one very ancient old man and two other women!?!

  • Anonymous

    Why would they spend a lot of time apart? It’s not like either one of them has a job, or do they? LOL

    • NYCMommy

      Isnt she doing that diving reality show and didnt she just finish Celebrity Mom Swap program??? Seems like time apart to me.

  • Anonymous

    Actions have consequences. Her son was going to find out about her past eventually. And so will all of his friends at school.

  • anon

    Her reaction to her son seeing her porn is “it’s fun”. What a wierd thing to say.

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