Christie Lynn Smith’s Blog: Baby’s First Smiles

Actress Christie Lynn Smith is inviting Celebrity Baby Scoop readers to follow along as she adjusts to her growing family. The General Hospital star and husband, actor John Fortson, recently welcomed their second child, son Joshua, on December 22.

In her fourth guest blog, the Paging Dr. Freed actress – also mom to 4-year-old daughter Abby – opens up about Joshua’s first smiles. She elaborates on that glorious moment when he smiled at her, “not the ceiling fan, not the windows.” She goes on to admit that the grins makes those nighttime feedings “a touch easier.” Continue reading Christie’s cute blog…

“SMILE! Joshua is 8-weeks-old! WHAT? Where does the time go?

Itʼs funny, you read in those baby books that your baby will smile around two months and how parents are desperate to catch a glimpse of that cuteness as soon as possible to make everything seem like itʼs worthwhile, at least thatʼs what the books say.

Okay, yes! Itʼs true! Iʼve been longing for Joshua to give me that sweet grin and Iʼm thrilled to announce he has smiled at me! He likes me, he really likes me! xo

WOW! It is truly is a thrill to see his eyes light up and it seems like heʼs really looking at me — only me! Not the ceiling fan, not the windows, not staring off into space. He saw ME!

And yes, it does make those nighttime feedings at 1am, 3am, 5am a little more, well, I hate to say “worth it,” but letʼs say it makes it a touch easier. Not that I wouldnʼt feed him — thatʼs just silly talk! But that little smile, I think gives me a boost of energy – like I CAN do it, I CAN keep going, I CAN be the best mommy ever and do what needs to be done. I can be rockstar mommy!

To get him to smile I will say, “Joshua, smile at mommy. Joshua, smile at mommy,” and I continue saying it ’til he does. Sometimes it takes 17 times, but other times he does it on the first time.

I also will kiss his little lips and that seems to trigger a grin. Maybe Iʼm cheating, but it works!

I have also started making all kinds of weird sounds and that seems to make him smile. And I make lots of weird faces too. He might actually be laughing at his silly mommy. If not Joshua, I know my almost 5 year old, Abby, thinks Iʼm a little crazy. 🙂

But even Abby has started to do the sounds, “Ba, ba, ba ba, ba,” and clunking her tongue to make the sounds I make. And she gets excited when he smiles at her too.

And his first little cooing happened the other day and that was so cool. I was like, “WOW, heʼs talking!” Heʼs so smart to be talking so young! I wonder what next month will bring… stay tuned.”

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