David Furnish On More Children: “We’re Done”

Since welcoming their newest addition Elijah 6 weeks ago, Elton John and his husband David Furnish are content with their family of four – and don’t plan on making any more baby announcements.

“We’re done,” David tells E!Online during an interview. “That I can confirm. No more. We’re complete.”

“Elijah’s great!” David says of his newborn son.  “He’s gorgeous. He smiled this morning. There’s that thing where they’re out of the womb but then they really wake up. He’s so engaged in people now. He’s a really happy little guy.”

Elton and David’s eldest boy Zachary, 2, seems to be enjoying his new sibling as well – most of the time.

“He’s a little jealous if [Elijah] gets too much attention,” David reveals. “So we’re sharing the love a lot, which is good because we all need to learn to share more love.”

“He’s protective and concerned,” David adds of his son. “If Elijah is crying a lot, he’ll say, ‘Is baby Elijah OK?’ He likes to hold him and he likes to cuddle him.”

So is there really no chance of becoming a third time father?

“I got my tubes tied,” David jokes.

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