Eric Johnson’s Balancing Act

Eric Johnson enjoyed some daddy-daughter time today, running a few errands in Los Angeles, California with his daughter Maxwell in tow (February 21). The 10-month-old looked absolutely adorable in her leopard-print leggings and booties.

Mom Jessica Simpson, meanwhile, was all business, heading to a meeting in Westwood. The expectant mom showed off her chic maternity style in head-to-toe black.

Though baby #2 – reportedly a boy – isn’t due for a while yet, Eric and Jessica have apparently already settled on a name: “[She’s] told people she’s going to name the baby Ace!” a source told US magazine this week.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Micaela

    She is too cute! Love her outfit.

  • Anonymous

    The idiot doesn’t even know how to hold a baby.

  • Anonymous

    Does this guy have a job?

    • NYCMommy

      Why is everyone always asking if he has a job or not… he is the primary care giver for their baby. Seems like a big job to me.

    • Anonymous

      Does it really matter if he has a ‘job’?

  • Taniesha

    @NYCMommy – you don’t have to get nasty about it. Maybe they were just curious. It seems like a lot of these “EX” players are the “care givers” and none of them work and are just riding the coattails of their women.

    • NYCMommy

      What is nasty about my comment? Nothing that I can see. If you think my comment is nasty you must be new to this site….Comment I replied to is a recurring theme on all Jessica Simpson posts. In USA we call that beating a dead horse. You could also call it sexist , as that comment is never made about women who stay home and live off their men. This is 2013 not 1913.

    • Anonymous

      Riding the coattails? You have NO idea what this man’s financial situation is, yet you insist on putting him down and essentially calling him a gold digger. You’re the nasty one, not NYC Mommy.

  • Anon

    Just had a flashback. My husband used to carry our kids like that. Must be a man thing.

  • Anonymous

    You’re nasty a lot NYCMommy. I’ve read lots of your posts. You must have a lot of time of your hands. Go take care of your kids.

    • NYCMommy

      Nice to see you have the time to follow my posts …. but again what is nasty about my comment? calling someone out about having a job or not seem nasty to me… and so do all your comments ANONYMOUS…. My kids are well taken care of thank you and I work a full time job.

      • Anonymous

        NYC Mommy… you can’t win with some people. I totally agree that it’s THEIR comments that are nasty. Not yours!

  • Mimi

    He seems like a total tool.

  • Rosy

    Beautiful mama and beautiful baby. Jessica looks great this time around, I love her choice of outfits.

  • Kat

    He makes me nervous holding her like that!

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