Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Workout Revealed

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When Kim Kardashian found out she was pregnant, she headed to the pregnant workout guru Tracy Anderson to get her body into perfect baby bump shape.

Tracy is responsible for Hollywood hot bodies like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez and created “The Pregnancy Project,” a 9 month workout plan specifically tailored to your changing body.

“Kim is handling her pregnancy with such grace and love and care and wants to take care of herself. I think that is really admirable,” Tracy tells Hollyscoop, “I like to give her all of the support that I can give her. She’s having fun.”

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  • olivia

    Rule #1 – If you want to maintain your fitness level, DON’T do what Kim is doing. Pictures speak louder than words!

    Rule #2 – If you want to maintain your health, stay far, far away from Tracy Anderson!!!!

    • Dana

      Not everyone has the same body type. Kim is very curvy, but Gwyneth and Jen Anniston are not… Yet they all used the same trainer and all look healthy to me.

  • coco

    Well, it looks like Kim is going to be a bad publicity for Tracy..

  • MyLeNe – Montreal

    Such a hypocrite .. she go at the gym because this foetus give her some extra pounds

  • Who thinks this pregnancy is a sham, just like her marriage to Kris Humphries? Surely I can’t be the only one. I’m guessing it was engineered to gain leverage in her divorce proceedings including speeding up the process.

    • Tiff2

      I couldn’t agree more! I was thinking about that just now, thanks for saying it.

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