Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott’s Flying Finn

“It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s SuperFinn!” writes mama-of-four Tori Spelling on her website of her youngest son Finn.

“This is Finn’s new fave position,” she writes of her 5-month-old baby boy. “He likes Dean and me to hold him like this and fly him around the house. It’s so cute and he giggles so loud when we do it. Not to mention, it’s also an amazing arm workout!”

It looks like her little darling – who joined the busy household in August 2012 – is aging to quickly for his loving parents.

“It’s crazy how fast he’s growing and becoming his own little man,” Tori writes. “We’re cherishing every moment, every giggle and every SuperFinn fly-around-the-house sesh!”

Tori also posted the below photo of her eldest daughter Stella, 4, looking stylish in chevron print top, gold shorts and knee-high socks.

“Miss Stella has done it again, and is it just me or has she totally taken her style to the next level?” Tori writes. “She emerged from her bedroom the other day looking like she had just walked off the runways at New York Fashion Week… complete with her signature Stella style pose.”

“I LOVE the way she made this monochromatic look pop by throwing in a chevron print (you really can’t go wrong with chevron, can you?). The gold shorts, over the knee socks (which were really a pair of my long fingerless gloves but got into Stella’s sock drawer by mistake and she wore as socks, which is genius!) and combat boots give the outfit a toddlerista twist, and the straw hat is the cherry on top of this hipster-chic look. There’s also a bit of a safari/wilderness girl vibe going on here (possibly paying homage to Troop Beverly Hills??) that I love too. Work it, girl!”

Dean and Tori are also parents to son Liam, 5, and daughter Hattie, 1.

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He is absolutely gorgeous!


They have the cutest kids. I’ve always liked Tori and she and Dean seem to be a real parental team. God bless them.