Kate Hudson & Family: Miami Beach Holiday

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy have taken Bing and Ryder on vacation to Miami, Fl. The 33-year-old actress and her 9-year-old were seen by the pool on Friday (February 22). Ryder took a dip while Kate sat and sunned herself.

Earlier in the day Matt spent time on the beach with the boys. Just a couple of days before the family were in London where Matt performed with Muse at the Brit Awards. Kate talked to US Weekly about being fans of British television at the after party.

She stated, “In our house it’s a lot of BBC. I’ve got boys, so Top Gear is a big [show]. I love them, but I can’t watch them again and again.”

She also added that her family also watches physicist Brian Cox’s numerous BBC specials.

“He’s incredible. I find him really so inspiring, the way he sees the planet, how he teaches you about how things work and function,” she told Us. “The world is amazing after you watch his shows.”

On Matt – she joked that he doesn’t know how to make a decent cup of tea.

Kate revealed,  “You know what? I could make it before I met Matt, I was very proud of that. He’s not the first English person I’ve met, so I could make a real decent cup before. He doesn’t know how to make a decent cup of tea. I’m going to be honest — he doesn’t know how to do it!”

Right now she’s focused more on family and revealed, “If someone says it’s a three-month shoot, I get a little shy because of Ryder in third grade and Bing being 19 months,” she admitted. “It’s so much to juggle, so I’ve been doing films that are a little less time [consuming]. I’m more specific about what they are and I don’t want to do work that will take me away from my kids, so I have to really love it.”

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  1. SMH

    I take it they won’t cut Bings hair until he is 3 as well?? Looks like it will be really long by then!!

  2. Anonymous

    His hair isn’t that long yet. Not like Hank or Mason or Skyler etc.

  3. SMH

    True but he has another yr and a 1/2 to go.

  4. Lizzie

    I can’t believe how much the women on this care about the length of little boys hair…

  5. kamila

    She is Jewish and I am pretty sure the no-haircut thing has something to do with Judaism. I read something about it recently and I think she has even said in interviews that she followed that custom with Ryder’s hair.

  6. Zelda

    Wow, little one looks just like his mama

  7. Katie

    I know that long hair is a jewish tradition some follow, but I think Ryder’s hair was more to do with having a rocker papa! I love long hair on little guys!

  8. Isabel

    Ryder is a spitting image of Chris.

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