Kim Kardashian: Pregnant In Peplum Pants

Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian was photographed in another interesting outfit in Los Angeles, Calif. on Friday (February 22). The reality star sported a crop top turtleneck and skin tight, high-waisted, animal print peplum pants.

The following day, Kim wore all black as she headed for her morning prenatal workout.

On Thursday, the expectant star was seen in a black and white monochrome shift dress, and on Tuesday she rocked leather leggings, paired with a billowing top and stilettos.

What do you think of Kim’s maternity style?

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  • Chloe

    “Interesting outfit” hahahaha, very subtle, yes yes, very subtle.

  • Georgia

    Her outfits are horrible, just like her.

  • Amanda

    These outfits are HIDEOUS!

  • Bink

    This outfit doesn’t look very comfy! She needs a home with bigger mirrors and better lighting. She seems to dress for night in the daytime.

  • Someone

    Oh my goodness…it just gets worse!

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha! I’m laughing so hard right now! She has to be insane to go out with pants like that. What is she thinking??? Not only can she sees herself in the mirror but, doesn’t she read what people says about her? Is she doing this on purpose? Or is she having mental issues?

    • annie

      I suppose she’s going for the ”There’s no such thing as negative publicity” thing 😉

    • Lizzie

      She definitely reads what people say about her. She reads it on twitter and her and Kourtney ALWAYS post paparazzi pics of themselves. Which means they both search themselves on the internet everyday. I’ve always been under the impression that real stars (which their not) don’t look themselves up on the internet, or divulge the paps.

      • Cara

        LOL you cant be THAT one sided. think about it you actually think its them posting half of those photos or blogs on their website, its hired employees, assistants etc..get real and i mean mouthing kourtney of ALL sisters..the one who has 3 kids and is the less fame focused.. they have been on the show reading stuff about them that’s not some big realization, plus they have a PR team that informs them on gossip being spread…DUH.

        that being said, her pregnancy style is so bad, like whyyy those pants!! i think she should switch back to her normal stylist and stop using kanyes influence

        • Cara

          sorry 2 kids***

  • coco

    Her style is terrible, not flattering at all.

  • Vivienne

    Her pregnancy style is definitely an acquired taste… Don’t know if she’s trying to make a statement and be different than Kourtney who looked chic, stylish and well put together during her pregnancies, but Kim just looks pretty uncomfortable.

  • arabella

    I thought Alicia siverstone had the worst pregnancy style.Kim sytle is ugly

  • musiclover

    I’m sorry, but she has THE worst fashion sense. Ugh!

  • Brandi

    This is exactly how Amber Rose used to dress when she was with Kanye. He made Kim get rid of all her clothes and replaced them with things that he liked. Talk about controlling! Kim will be back to her normal self when the relationship is over lol

  • Louise

    It’s not the clothes, folks, it’s what’s in it 🙂

  • kamila

    Seriously WHAT IS SHE THINKING?! How can someone look at themselves in the mirror wearing that and decide they look good and leave the house? Not only that but they look extremely uncomfortable and several sizes too small. Terrible.

  • Zar55

    OMG this is soooooo ugly, she dressed herself soooo much better before Kayne, so sad, before her curves looked soooo much better

  • kaia

    very unflattering, pants are not cool. Shes due in July right?? wheres the bump again!

  • anonymous

    She doesn’t know how to dress for her body type. Kanye seems to be bringing out the worst in her fashion-wise.

  • Lizzie

    I’m positive that this is all Kanye’s doing. She’s been doing everything he says since they’ve gotten together. It’s obvious.

  • Ano

    Camel toe. Yikes!

  • Shell-Belle

    She doesn’t look pregnant at all. She just looks fat, as usual. She thinks because she has a big @ss that no one notices her big hips, big thighs, big calves, big stomach (even prior to pregnancy) Kim and Kate (nee) Middleton (Prince William’s wife) are both due in July. Kate has a cute, obviously pregnant belly where Kim just looks fat. I wonder if her very pregnant belly will fold in half like Beyonce’s belly did on TV. This is probably one of the top 5 most horrible pictures of Kim. The outfit is just wrong. She should not ever wear high waisted pants/with or without but especially with a turtleneck and never ever ever wear anything peplum. I think the times she wears hideous outfits that really draw the eye to her huge mid-sectionS, she realizes she has nothing else to bring her attention so she uses her fat.

  • Anonymous

    Her “baby bump” has disappeared again!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if she is getting paid to wear all of the awful garments that we’ve been seeing her in? As much as I can’t stand this woman and have no problem saying something negative about her I am mature enough to admit that she used to have at least some fashion sense.

  • Anonymous

    Her face and her clothes on the first photo, actually makes her look retarded.

    • Anonymous

      While that comment is a tad politically incorrect, I have to agree with you.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you 🙂 And, I know, I’m sorry. I just couldn’t find the right word to express what I felt….her style gets the worst out of me….

  • Oh my goodness…it just gets worse!

  • Jenn

    Those pants have less class than she and her baby daddy combined. And that’s bad!!

  • Kellsbells

    Good grief, someone’s curtains/drapes have died a most horrible death 🙂
    It’s not that she has bad fashion sense… it’s that she doesn’t have any AT ALL.

  • Jaaez

    There is nothing fat about her,she looks healthy and has a beautiful face.Get your eyes checked! You are all just JEALOUS because she has the looks and the money!

  • Holly

    The fetus is clearly being suffocated by spanx, probably in the hopes that it will miscarry. She does not look happy being pregnant.

    • anonymous

      Could care less about Kim, but that was a nasty thing to say.

  • Kristina

    Her ass is so big, it doesn’t fit her body

  • ms. heart

    umm. what bump? seriously, I’m starting to wonder what other lengths she will go to to make herself relevant.

  • sheyla

    I seriously think..That baby announcement on stage by Kanye was supposed to curtail all the attention Amber & Wiz will be receiving…and the fact that people are over the Kartrashians and Kanye & Kim’s popularity and relevance has faded fast…So Kanye panics and announces it on Stage at some random @ss concert!! Reggie has moved on and Amber is deliriously happpy with Wiz Kahalifa! The timing is evident it was a publicity stunt and Kim has been out of shape and looking odd in the face for some time now. I think Kanye has finally realized his “Soulmate” is in the Paris Hilton category now. Womp!

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