Kim Kardashian On Baby Before Marriage

Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian shows a hint of tummy on the April cover of Cosmopolitan and opens up about having a baby before marriage and her boyfriend Kanye West.

On when sister Kourtney got pregnant out of wedlock: “I was like, ‘You’re not married! How could you do this?’ I was really firm and strict. But she was like, ‘Marriage isn’t what I want.’ And later, I realized she had a better family life than I did.”

On having a baby: “I’ve always said that I wanted kids, but I don’t think I ever would have been ready until now.”

On her relationship with Kanye West: “Sometimes you’re just not ready. A person could have it all, and you’re not ready for it all. But this is where I probably always should have been…[marriage] is something I know that we both want in our future, but I don’t have this sense of urgency about it. I have this best friend who understands me and helps me through all my tough experiences, and vice versa, you know? It just feels like this is it for me.”

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  • Adrienne

    Yuck. On so many levels and in so many ways.

    • christine

      You mean, including the humongous diaper she’s wearing? 🙂

  • Jessica

    Good job Kim on keeping private. *rolls eyes*

    Can she just go away! This is ridiculous, why do you have to post about her multiple times a week!!!

  • Ano

    But she IS married.

  • Gloria

    LOL Right … She is married and will likely have a baby born in wedlock … just to her boyfriend and not her husband …. Who raises these people ? Goodness

  • Anonymous

    Their low life mother Kris raised her….

  • Anonymous

    So her conservative views made it wrong for her sister to have children out of wedlock but it was okay when she made a disgustingly vulgar sex tape, released it to the public, and cashed in on its “success”?

  • Anonymous

    Not much brains or style…

  • Annie

    I agree with all of the above. YET… I do think her more natural-looking hair, makeup, and extra pounds make her look a little less like a plastic blow-up doll. I think it’s an improvement. Just google Kim before Kayne and you’ll see what I’m talking about, slut-o-meter wise.

    • Anonymous

      I hardly think Miss Kardashian is in any position to be handing out relationship advice.

    • Anonymous

      That wasn’t meant as a response to you. Not sure how that happened?

  • Shirelle

    This is coming from a woman who is only famous because of a sex tape and who is pregnant by one man and married to another!!!!! I feel bad for her kid if he/she is anything like her mom or dad she is going to have the worst attitude/personality both Kim and kanye are arrogant!

  • Lori

    If she doesn’t get divorced by the time the baby is born by law Kris will be legally the father of Kim’s baby cause his name will have to be on the birth certificate

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