Was Seth MacFarlane Offensive At The Oscars?

HerScoopOur spinoff site, HerScoop, asks the question:

Was Seth MacFarlane offensive or funny while hosting Sunday’s Academy Awards?

The Family Guy and Ted creator, 39, performed a song entitled We Saw Your Boobs, calling out Oscar winners Meryl Streep, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie, plus nominees Naomi Watts and Jennifer Lawrence for exposing their breasts on the big screen.

As the cameras panned to the audience, both Theron and Watts looked visibly upset by his seemingly sexist musical number.Was there any mention of men who exposed their bits and pieces on the big screen? Nope.

And while introducing another one of our favorite celebrity moms, Salma Hayek, we couldn’t help but notice racist and sexist undertones.

“We have finally reached the point in the ceremony where either Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayek comes onstage and we have no idea what they’re saying — but we don’t care, because they’re so attractive,” MacFarlane said.

Did some of MacFarlane’s jokes cross the line? Continue reading at HerScoop

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  1. Kat

    I totally agree. I had to change the channel several times because I just couldn’t take any more. Hard to believe he got the go ahead to make jokes about abuse and to sing an offensive boob song that was offensive to the very females that the academy was trying to honor. The women in the audience wore expressions ranging from being unimpressed to being disgusted. Who was his intended audience–middle schoolers? Also, the lame reference to all the women who looked sexy and beautiful (thinner?) after having the flu was also very offensive. I am NOT a fan of this misogynistic jerk, and I hope he is not asked back to host again!

    • Isabel

      Those reactions were pre-recorded so Naomi, Charlize, and Jennifer were all in on the joke.

      The Academy knew exactly what they were getting when they asked Seth to host so I don’t understand the shock and horror. Considering his usual work, his bits could’ve been much worse. Also, it’s about ratings. Sure Billy Crystal may have given the viewers a PG act but the number of people tuning in, which is already at an all time low, would’ve plummeted.

      • NYCMommy

        Isabel, I totally agree the Academy knew what they were getting when they hired Seth. I thought he was quite funny myself… Kind of like a male Joan Rivers (another one who is super funny and does not give a rats rump who she offends). I was also impressed with his singing skills.

  2. Emma

    I found him HILARIOUS! As a woman, I didn’t find him offensive at all. I was literally laughing out loud. He made the Oscars so much fun to watch. 🙂

  3. Lauren

    The scenes with Naomi Watts and Charlize Theron looking “visibly upset” were prerecorded! They were in on the joke!! They were not wearing the same dresses they wore to the actual ceremony. Lighten up!

  4. Anonymous

    The truth is, the demographic that watches the Oscars is getting up there in years. The producers are desperate to attract the 18-35 demographic and that means having a host that is popular with them. I think Family Guy and Ted are hilarious but I can see how some might think his brand of humor is a little unconventional.

  5. sierra

    I think he was funny. People need to lighten up, he is a comedian that’s what he is there for

  6. Anonymous

    The joke he made about Domestic Abuse was disgusting. I’m glad he’s American and my country doesn’t have to watch him host events that should be amazing. Keep him.

    • Anonymous

      Your “country” sounds like a boring and oppressive place to live. Freedom is about being able to choose what you want to watch. Nobody here “has” to watch him, they choose to. What’s it like over in your part of the world?

  7. mrs. trumbell

    he was hilarious!! i hope they ask him back, he’s funny and a terrific singer.

    people who are pissed are people who were going to bash him anyway just because tina and amy didn’t get chosen to host the show. there is a LOT of deliberately misinterpreting (i.e. LYING about) the show’s jokes.

    bravo, seth macfarlane.

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