Pink & Family: Fun In The Sun

Rocking killer abs in a bikini, Family Portrait singer Pink and husband Carey Hart had a fun day at the beach in Miami, Florida with their 1-year-old daughter Willow on Monday (February 25). The trio enjoyed the sand and surf before packing up and heading into their hotel.

The popstar recently talked about not relying on her looks to be successful in the music industry. “‘A girl like me’ is someone who doesn’t rest on her looks, who has had people tell me from day one, ‘You’re never going to get magazine covers because you’re not pretty enough,'” she said.

The Grammy Award-winner added: “I’m totally comfortable with that. I know my strong points: I work hard, I have talent, I’m funny, and I’m a good person.”

Pink is currently on The Truth About Love tour, set to perform at Tampa Bay Times Forum on Wednesday.

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  • Ano

    Not a single stretch mark. She’s lucky. But I do think she is too masculine.

    • Mickey

      Women who have babies over 30 rarely have stretchmarks at all! Stretchmarks come with the ‘fresh-apple’ kind of body 🙂

      • Mickey

        This was just meant as a known fact (a very experienced midwife once said so in public, and I think she’s right), I’m not trying to insult anyone…

    • Rosy

      Like she can really help her body shape…sheesh.

  • Annie

    She stretches our ideas of gender and femininity and that’s a good thing. Not all masculine-looking or tomboy-acting women are butch lesbians. Not all sensitive, feminine guys are gay. There are all the shades of the rainbow when it comes to body types and gender, and she’s a great role model for that. I love her!

    • Anonymous

      The fact that people have thummed down this comment shows why this world is so backward with their views of gender stereotypes! I agree with you Annie! Great comment!

      • kamila

        Agreed. That was a great comment and so true. We need to break down stereotypes! The fact that it’s been given thumbs down shows why there are so many nasty comments and flame wars on this site–it’s full of hateful, holier-than-thou puritanical women. Go ahead, ladies, give me the thumbs down. I double dog dare you. LOL

    • sandrah

      Thank you, Annie, for that comment! Totally agree!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she’s cut up – I wouldn’t mind having a bod like that!

  • Tee

    @Anonymous: then you must be a man!
    My goodness, she looks like a man. I always thought her body was quite masculine, but now, it definitely is. Her daughter is not so cute either. Hopefully she grows to look better cuz it would be a disaster to not be good-looking and inherit her mom’s body. No offense.

    • Veronica

      You and your comments are disgusting.

    • kamila

      “No offense”? Really? How old are you? 13 or 14? Even if you are that young, your comment and behavior are appalling. At least have the ‘balls’ to stand before your statement and not add a ridiculous “No offense”.

  • Anonymous

    Tee – and you must be a fat slob and like it like that. I’d rather have a body like hers which is healthy than sloppy like you.

  • laura

    I do think that her body is exceedingly masculine: I already had that impression but seeing her belly was really shocking..
    I personally don’t like such masculine features, but who cares? We are all different and she seems to be a good person, a good mummy and probably has a very happy life..
    And her daughter is too cute!

    • Dana

      Seeing pinks belly was really shocking? You must not get out much.

      • laura

        Obviously “shocking” was relative.. I don’t care in my life about Pink’s belly, I just mean that her belly is totally masculine.. Grow up!

  • bouncingaroundthewomb

    @tee….you should be ashamed of yourself and your comments.

    before you judge and point fingers, make sure your hands are clean.

    pink looks beautiful, strong and healthy. she is not manly. and her daughter is absolutely beautiful as well.

    i’m sure you are all perfect right????

  • T

    She looks great. Not all will like her body, but regardless, she obviously busts her ass and is dedicated to look like that. Props to her.

  • SMH

    Can all of you negative nags post a picture of yourselves in a bikini?? I’d like to critique all of you!

  • Micaela

    She looks great!

  • AJ

    Who would have thought, all those years ago when Pink, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson were all coming onto the scene, that it would be Pink that had the longevity to her career. She is awesome and I have nothing but admiration for her.

    • Elektra

      I agree Pink is awesome and I think she is very talented and her little girl is beyond adorable.

  • KJ

    She looks fit, in shape, ready to kick ass and take names.

  • Anonymous

    I would much rather see someone like Pink on a magazine cover than some phony like Kim Kardashian or numerous other supermodels/actresses.
    She may not be what Hollywood considers “gorgeous” (I think she’s beautiful) but she is real, strong, and stays true to herself.
    Pink has proven over again that she is not going to conform to please others. She is just the sort of woman that the younger generation needs to be looking up to.

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