Sienna Miller & Marlowe: Bonding In The Big Apple

New mom Sienna Miller stepped out with her daughter Marlowe, 7 months, in New York City on Monday (February 25). The mother-daughter duo went for a stroll and stopped for a quick swing at the park on the chilly afternoon.

The day before, we spotted the pretty pair shopping with Forrest Gump star Robin Wright. The actresses walked arm in arm as they shopped in Manhattan.

We’ve seen Sienna and Marlowe all over the Big Apple. On Friday the adorable duo were spotted reading some books at a public library and later shopping at Little Marc Jacobs.

Marlowe’s father is Sienna’s fiancé, actor Tom Sturridge.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/Pacific Coast News


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  1. liens

    this picture could be cute if Mom wasn’t wearing a dead animal on her back

    • Dana

      Sorry… Human beings have been carnivores and hunters since the beginning of time. Wearing fur and leather, as well as eating meat are some of the main reasons why homosapiens survived cold winters and are here today.

      Unfortunately We haven’t evolved into ethereal light beings who can subsists on fruits and oxygen. Eating, hunting, and wearing animal products is inherent in our humanity, like it or not.

      And before you say that microfibers have made wearing fur obsolete… The production of synthetic fabrics has a much higher impact on the environment than natural fur, and nothing compares to the heat retaining qualities of fur.

      • liens

        WEARING FUR WHEN YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T NEED TO ANYMORE IS SIMPLY CRUEL. Eat all the meat you want, that’s your problem, do you think that coat is a fashion item or a necessity for Sienna Miller?
        Guess we all know the answer.

        Wonder what she’ll tell her daughter about that coat ( “yes honey, we killed animals just so mommy can wear a nice and expensive coat that she does’nt even NEED”)

        again, i’m speaking about wearing fur, not eating meat, that’s a different issue

  2. Charlotte

    Marlowe’s hair is so long, she’s only 7 months! Anyway she is beautiful, Tom’s copy, I think.

  3. Anne

    I’m wondering how many animals have died a horrible death for the coat she is wearing..

  4. nona

    she looks dirty and old, the fur coats she so likes to wear are ugly, knowing those animals only are killed for human vanity it’s vile.

  5. DJ

    Her daughter is absolutely adorable! Cute as a button! & get over the fur tangent people… half of you probably had chicken for dinner or a burger yesterday. Hypocrite drama queens.

  6. Anne

    Me neither.. I’m a vegetarian.. But I also think that it is worse to kill a lot of animals just for their fur rather than eating meat. These animals are having a horrible life and death.

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