Happy 1st Birthday Samuel Garner Affleck!

Name: Samuel Garner Affleck

Parents: Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Date of Birth: February 27, 2012

Siblings: Violet (born in 2005), Seraphina (born in 2009)


♥ Samuel was born in Santa Monica, Calif.

♥ Ben Affleck revealed the name on his Facebook timeline.

♥ They knew the sex of the baby, but weren’t sharing.

♥ Samuel’s middle name is his mother’s maiden name

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  1. Anabelle

    This is incredibly slow of me, I know, but before reading it on here, I had never made the connection before that his middle name, Garner, is the last name of his mom! x

  2. Sophia

    What a sweet boy! Happy birthday Samuel 🙂

  3. Bink

    Violet’s little double. Very sweet!

  4. D M

    When Jimmy Kimmel mentioned to Jennifer Garner that he was surprised the baby wasn’t named after him, she joked back that it was a fight & struggle at her house over naming the baby. But she won and Sam (Samuel) is named after Ben’s grandfather.
    It’s quite a funny interview. (Jimmy Kimmel Live – August 2012).

  5. Lane

    Yep, Seraphina looks the most like Ben

  6. bluegnu63

    His resemblance to Matt Damon is veddy interesting, heh-heh. 😉

  7. laura

    Actually I think he’s not just like Violet, he’s the perfect mix of Violet and Sera: Violet’s eyes and Sera’s head shape!

  8. Happy birthday, Samuel!
    Awww, he looks so sweet. <3

    Ben Affleck changed so much.

  9. Katie

    Happy Birthday beautiful boy!

  10. Me

    I’m not a fan of Jennifer Garner or Ben Afleck but I have to say, they have the cutest kids.

  11. Tee

    My goodness! He looks just like Violet, in other words, he looks more like his mom. He’s quite cute but obviously, Seraphina is the cutest. Hope he looks more like Ben as he grows older.

  12. I think Ben and Jennifer have the happiest looking children. Kudos to them!

  13. I think Ben and Jennifer have the happiest looking children! Kudos to them!

  14. diphia

    happy b”day good boy samuel garner affleck

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