Nick Lachey’s Adorable Album Cover

Daddy’s mini-me!

Nick Lachey and his bright, blue-eyed lil’ lookalike – 5-month-old son Camden – are featured on Lachey’s first-ever lullaby album, A Father’s Lullaby, which will be available to download on iTunes March 13, and released in stores in April.

The new dad tweeted, “So excited for you all to hear my new album ‘A Father’s Lullaby.’ Camden is the best muse a father could ask for!”

“When I first learned that I was going to be a father, I was inspired to create a special tribute to my son,” Lachey said in a release.

He added: “Music has always been an incredibly significant part of my life and a meaningful way in which I express myself. Creating this album allowed me to further connect with Camden while also sharing the experience with families who are on a similar journey of welcoming a new life into their world.”

The album features 12 songs, four of which are original tracks that Lachey co-wrote, including Father’s Lullaby, a loving tribute to his own father John and to his little boy.

The duo will have plenty of one-on-one time later this year. The family – including wife Vanessa Lachey – plans to hit the road in May for 98 Degrees‘s first tour in over a decade.

“Camden will be on tour for sure,” Lachey said. “I’m not going to spend 2½ months away from my son. That would be tragic.”

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Photo credit: Fisher Price


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  1. Ano

    Too much photoshop, but cute kid.

  2. Bink

    Kudos to the photographer for getting that animated shot of Camden. Soooo cute!

  3. NYCMommy

    Wow they really do look alike with those beautiful blue eyes.

  4. Anonymous

    Wow, he looks like a mix. I can see some of his mom but with Nick’s eyes.

  5. Toya

    Such a beautiful Father & Son photo. And to capture it for daddy’s album… So special. Camden is adorable ( : Definately daddy’s mini-me.

  6. musiclover

    He’s Gorgeous! And Camden is a cutie as well! 😉

  7. Jessica

    Beautiful baby!! Would have been a great keepsake photo if nick wasn’t so airbrushed that he looks like a wax figure!

  8. JC

    Now THAT is a cute baby! Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. laura

    Ah, the kid has his dad’s coloring, but his eyes are kind os asian-shaped, as his mum! Cute combination!

  10. Bria

    Nick’s has wayyyy too much makeup on…it doesn’t look right. Little Camden looks adorable though!

  11. lulu

    Beautiful photo, adorable baby….

  12. Love their beautiful eyes. What a copycat look.
    And oh… I wanted to hear that song.

  13. Tay

    I love their little family and wish them nothing but happiness so I’m not meaning to be mean or disrespectful when I say that the photoshopping on the eyes is way too much and completely unnecessary. Nick and Camden have naturally beautiful eyes. They didn’t need the photoshop help. Whoever did it for this cover did a really butch-league job. And I also agree with the person who said that Nick is wearing way too much make-up. I’m really not sure why Hollywood thinks that everyone needs make-up for photos. Nick has very beautiful, naturally-tanned skin. In all the years I’ve known of him, I’ve never known of him having any significant acne issues so why they felt it necessary to cake his face as though he were being prepped for his funeral is beyond me. Nick and Camden are both very handsome. They should have been photographed au natural. It would have made for a much prettier photo.

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