Jennifer Garner’s Cat In The Hat

Jennifer Garner and her son Samuel were spotted picking Violet up from school Thursday (February 28).  Big sister Violet wore a Dr. Seuss hat for the love of reading week – in celebration of the beloved author’s birthday, which is March 2nd.

The mom-of-three is coming off an exciting day – little Samuel, her son with husband Ben Affleck, just turned one yesterday!

This past weekend, Jen and Ben hit the red carpet on  for the Academy Awards. Ben’s film Argo won for Best Picture on Hollywood’s biggest night.

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Photo credit: AKM/GSI, FameFlynet

  • KitKat

    What a cutie!

  • laura

    Gorgeous. Everyone says he looks like Violet, but now I see a lot more of Sera in him!

    • Emma

      He’s a perfect mix of his sisters.

  • maye

    to those who says violet is ugly or odd-looking, well i think that violet will be gorgeous when she hits teens…this is the pic that i found her stunning
    all of affleck children has ben`s chin and jen`s dimple…

  • They are all beautiful children in the inside, but let’s be honest not mean. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck do not make cute kids. They all have her dumbo ears, small beady eyes, and loose lips. Sera and Samuel have their dads headshape, but Violet and Samuel look just like their mom and she isn’t a very attractive women. Seraphina looks more like Ben and is cuter.

    • Ainslee

      You’re not mean? Could you be any more shallow and superficial? They’re all gorgeous kids. Violet will be be a stunning beauty when she grows up. In case you didn’t know it, dummy, larger lips are considered very attractive and who hasn’t had baby teeth? And that’s beside the point anyway – these kids are beautiful.

      • These kids aren’t beautiful. They look like their mom and probably will grow up to look like her. Jennifer Garner is average at best in the looks department. No one is turning heads on her but her husband. People need to realize all kids aren’t cute. Kids look like their parents aren’t cute what do you except. Thumb me down, who cares.

    • Kristine

      Jessica, are you kidding me…you seem a bit overboard on how these kids look. I have a great idea, post a picture of yourself and let us judge how ugly you are….you are a ugly person on the inside which is all that counts.

  • eliz

    yes they are adorable and happy/normal kids.. i dont know why so many ppl HATE on this family- they are so down to earth and hands-on (ben/jen) – i think i can count on 1 hand how many times they’ve had a nanny with them and they are photographed every freaking day!

    • Meghan

      Sorry, I didn’t mean to reply to the post. I meant to reply to the above posters.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Jessica. They did not make cute kids at all. They have bad ears, bad eyes, bad teeth. If these kids werent children of celebrities, you would agree. How do you think violet will be “gorgeous” when she’s older? Unless she has “work” done, she will still have protruding ears, beady eyes and a gapped tooth smile (have you seen Bens teeth before he got them fixed?). I don’t find one of their kids cute like I don’t find Ben or Jen attractive either so thats the reason. I’m not being mean just honest. Everyone else has an opinion and this is mine. Just because my opinion differs from someone else’s doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

    • Meghan

      The fact that people can come on a site about babies and call them ugly or unattractive is absolutely baffling to me. You don’t think their parents are attractive? Fine, they’re adults (I’m still not condoning meanness). But a 7 year old and a 1 year old? That’s disgusting. I for one, find Jen to be a beautiful lady who looked exactly as Violet looks now. She’ll be stunning. But she’s a beautiful little girl now. She looks like any normal kid. You may not think she’s cute, but keep it to yourself. Go pick on someone your own size.

  • Julianna

    I think they’re beautiful kids ! But i dont like how they dress the girls :/

    • laura

      I think they totally let the girls dress themselves.. Seeing how their mum is usually dressed, I guess they don’t really care about being stylish in everyday life.

  • Micaela

    Love this family. Their kids are so cute!

  • Anonymous

    The kids are beautiful? LMAO. Maybe you should wear Violets glasses because there’s obviously something wrong with your vision.

  • cb

    omg, how come everyone goes on and on about affleck kids, but then gush and compliment jolie-pitts those kids have got to be the most homeliest, horrible dressers and unkempt looking at all time. very rarely do they even look like hair has been brushed.
    affleck children are always clean, brushed hair, clothes fit, etc. sometimes you can tell they picked out their own outfits, but most of time, they are great.

    • Are you picking on little kids and calling them homely. They are rarely seen like the Affleck kids. Brad and Angie are trying to protect their kids from the paparazzi unlike them. Ben and Jen kids probably think the paps are their friends. Say what you want brad and angie kids they can be dressed as homely as you make them out to be but in the looks department they will be stunning adults. Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel all look like Jennifer and she is an odd looking woman.


    In all of these comments no one has noticed those horrible shoes Jennifer is wearing? They look like a pair of Ben’s shoes without the laces.

  • Lena

    Well unlike many children of famous people (Kardashians cough) Violet is being singled out for her OWN accomplishments – not that she is the child of 2 famous people see


    Well, I’m french so I’m really sorry for my english but I just wanted to say that those kids are kids !
    Have you kids ? Because if you have will you be ok with what you wrote ? To read that our kids are ugly or that Violet is autist (Yes I read it!), do you think that is not hurt the parents, the friends, the family? Well, I am not a “super-fan” but those kids are natural and Ben and Jen don’t protect them from papz ? Well, because they are actors, they knew that by doing this job they would be photographed but they decided to continue their life (school for Violet, karaté for girls, dance for Sera …) !!! So please, don’t judge people when you are not at their place ! Je ne m’énerve pas mais j’essaye juste de partager mon point de vue français !!

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