Report: Nate Berkus To Be A Dad

Celebrity interior decorator Nate Berkus and Rachel Zoe’s former assistant Jeremiah Brent are planning to have a baby according to reports today from the New York Post.

They will be using a surrogate and are reportedly hoping for a boy after Brent was overheard at socialite Alex Hitz’s home saying that he “wouldn’t know how to deal with a little girl.”

The couple have been dating since early last year.

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  • em

    Well that Jeremiah sounds like he’d make an amazing parent… if you can’t accept or be happy with either gender then you straight up adopt or you don’t have kids. I hate when people publicly announce their feelings of one gender or another, then you feel bad for that innocent kid. I hear it all the time from friends and it’s upsetting.

    • christine

      Meh… I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I hear so many women say that they would never know how to cope with having a boy… And, as the mom of two sons, I can tell you that they don’t know what they’re missing! Their loss. (Ditto for girls.)

      People like to talk about gender and exaggerate, etc, because it’s the one thing that you are allowed to know about the baby at the same time. Just because someone jokes about not wanting one gender or another doesn’t mean they will love the kid any less.

  • Jennifer

    I’m confused, how do two dudes have a child together? Lol! So technically one of them is going to be a father.

  • an

    baby…the new gay man’s accessory. smh.

  • Wait, when did Nate breakup with Brian Atwood?? Now I could see the two of them having started a family together as Brian was a mature, well established business man that Nate had been together with for YEARS. All one has to do is watch back episodes of Rachel Zoe’s show to see what a moody, immature, impatient and irresponsible piece of work Jeremiah is. As such his nasty comments about potentially having a daughter-should he be so lucky!-don’t surprise me at all.
    I always thought of Nate as a sweet guy and would be an incredible father after watching the super sweet episode of him taking care of a toddler for a day on Oprah a few years back (he was wonderful with the little guy!) I really have no idea what he’s doing with Jeremiah, much less planning on raising a baby with him…Seems strange.

  • Iman

    I am so saddened to see there is nothing but hate in the comments. They are a lovely couple, who I’m sure will make lovely parents – both of them.

  • Tee

    What will the kid call them? Daddy and Poppa? Haha! Gay couples make me laugh. Not surprised considering one’s an interior decorator and the other is the ex-assistant of Rachel Zoe. That said, no homo, but I can’t help but think kids of gay couples are missing out on having a mom or vice-versa. But then, single-parent families exist. Anyway, good luck with their plan.

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