Ben Affleck Takes Seraphina To Breakfast

Freshly shaved Ben Affleck took his daughter Seraphina out to breakfast to one of his favorite spots – the Brentwood Country Mart in LA this morning Friday (March 1).

The two-time Academy Award winning actor showed off his new look yesterday as he headed to the TED conference in Long Beach, Calif.

The 40-year-old actor shaved his beard during a late night Oscar party at Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood, with wife Jennifer Garner, and friends in attendance.

“He did it himself at the restaurant, with help from pals, the whole family was tired of the beard!” a source told UsWeeklyadding that Jen “actually brought the clippers to the party.”

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Photo credit: AKM/GSI, FameFlynet

  • maryf

    Why do people go out for breakfast instead of sitting together in the comfort of their own home. I couldn’t be bothered to go the trouble every morning.

    • BuckyBoyd

      No different than going out for lunch or dinner. You can eat both in the comfort of your own home as well but i’m sure you go out for dinner at times. When i eat breakfast at home it’s usually the same old stuff that i can quickly eat and run out the door. I enjoy going out to breakfast because i can sit down and enjoy a hot breakfast and eat something i normally don’t. To each their own.

      • andrea

        Yeah, but you are not relentlessly pursued by paparazzi everywhere you go. It’s not only ‘inconvenient’ and a pain in the a$$, but very dangerous when you’re driving.

        At least as far as Ben is concerned, I see where the other poster is coming from — why would anyone voluntarily subject themselves to that day in day out when there’s better food at home, not to mention privacy??

        • Meghan

          So they should just stay in their house all day? As much as I’m sure it’s annoying, you have to live your life. You have to leave your house.

          • andrea

            Down girl!!! No one is suggesting that they live like hermits. LA/Hollywood is a big place and paps are known to frequent certain areas and hang out at certain establishments. Changing up the routine and avoiding pap haunts is probably a worthwhile pursuit where this family is concerned. A lot of their pictures are from the same place – a farmer’s market (?).

          • BuckyBoyd

            @Andrea: Ben and Jen have said that they have learned that no matter what they do the paparazzi is going to follow them so they don’t change up their routine because they want their children to have a sense of normalcy in an otherwise not normal world. The paparazzi camps outside their house every day and just follows them everywhere. It’s to the point that they know where and when the girls have school, karate, soccer and ballet. 90% of the Affleck family pictures are from the Farmers Market, karate, school, ballet and soccer. Should they have to switch schools and studios every time the paparazzi finds out about it? It’s not fair to the kids.

          • anon

            No they shouldn’t have to stay in their house and yes they do have to live their lives….but do they have to leave for every meal or every cup of coffee?

    • A.

      totally agree! maybe in the US it’s common that families go out for breakfast, I live in a small country in Europe and we like to sit around the table, eat & drink a coffee or tea, and talk.

  • Anonymous

    The Affleck kids are the worst dressed kids in Hollywood.

    • Mary

      Because they look normal for their age? Their parents don’t care to impress strangers with their kids clothes.

      • jackie

        To add to Mary’s comment, when compared to certain other celebrities, it’s actually refreshing to see celeb kids dressed like regular kids v.s. “show ponies” or accessories. Some of the photos that have appeared on this site are absolutely ridiculous and especially in the case of boys, it’s pretty obvious that they had no say in the matter.

        • laura

          You’re talking about Rachel Zoe’s daughter, right?
          Poor, poor kid.

    • Zoe

      They dress like mega dorks.

  • Mary

    Sera looks so much like her dad. A very cute little girl

  • Elizabeth

    Sera is Ben’s favorite, Daddy’s little girl. Samuel is Jen’s favorite as he is a boy and the baby and you can see she loves him the most. Violet, I don’t know.

    • Emily

      Wha??? I must have missed some pictures or something. I don’t think you can tell a parent’s “favorite” (if that even is possible for them to have a favorite) just by watching them walk down the sidewalk, can you???

      • laura

        I think she’s referring to the fact that Ben is most often seen alone with Sera..

  • Anonymous

    They are not dressed normal. Nothing ever matches. That’s what parents are for. To make you don’t go outside looking ridiculous.

    • anonymous

      They’re little kids. I used to let my kids pick out their own clothes, regardless of what I thought looked better. My daughter used to cry if I told her she couldn’t wear something. Sometimes it’s just easier. They also have to learn to be independent and make their own decisions. The easiest way to start that, is picking out clothing in the morning.

      • andrea

        Same here. Even when the clothes they select don’t match and seem ridiculous, it’s not worth the fight…

    • Meliss

      Um, I thought parents were there to guide you and teach you to become a compassionate, responsible, self-reliant, productive human being. I guess I missed the “make sure she doesn’t wear crazy clothes” in the mommy handbook.

  • TiffanyMW

    Why did you leave out the pictures of Ben kicking the paparazzi out of the way today? LEAVE THEM ALONE! Damn.…

    • anonymous

      Dealing with the paps would be very annoying. But that is the career he chose. If he wants to be famous and win awards and make more money than he can ever spend, then unfortunately he will be followed by paps. Him getting so mad and kicking at the guy probably made Sera even more scared.

  • just me

    Did she seriously take clippers for him to shave his beard in a restaurant? Eeww. I agree about breakfast at home. Why would anyone want or need to leave home every morning to eat? No one is saying for them to switch schools or studios all of the time, but perhaps have a meal at home or buy a coffee pot. Is it really that important to go out to eat breakfast all of the time?

  • Ellen

    My favorite meal is breakfast. My least favorite meal to prepare is breakfast. Needless to say, my husband and I go out to breakfast a lot, especially on weekends. To me this family going to breakfast seems very normal.

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