Camila Alves Shares Secrets To Staying Slim

Three kids, a modeling career and a size zero waist?  Gorgeous mom and wife to Matthew McConaughey, Camila Alves, shares how she bounced back to supermodel size after having three kids.

She tells Hollyscoop, “I did exercise really hard. I had a trainer that I worked with 6 days a week and sometimes do it even twice a day.”

But Camila emphasizes that the key to weight loss is a great diet.

“At the end of the day, it’s not about how much you’re exercising if you don’t have the right diet,” she tells us at the QVC “Red Carpet Style” event, “I say, 6 days of really healthy eating and then have one day where you can cheat and eat whatever you want.”

Get the scoop on the rest of her tips here.


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  • Ali

    She is no where close to a size zero waist.

  • carebear

    This made me laugh …. didn’t realize it was such a big secret that eating healthy and working out daily got you in great shape. Now that I know I’ll get right on that. 😉

  • Anna

    At least she’s honest and didn’t say it was just running after her kids.

    • Kay

      Good point. At the same time, I am so tired of hearing these weight loss tips from celebrity moms, especially trivial models like Camila and Gisele. Bottom line: they have good genes, free time, access to money, experts and resources.

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering why he’s wearing snow boots with shorts.

    • NYCMommy

      They look like rain boots to me and dont see any issue with wearing rain boots with shorts. I see kids and adults doing it all the time on east coast (in spring/summer of course)

  • Anonymous2

    It’s truly all about having good genes, willpower, money for a trainer and a nanny for the kids. I swear, if I was rich, I would be thin, healthy and much more confident.
    Maybe in my other life…..

  • Annika

    The trouble with celebrities saying things like that is that everyone thinks its because they have the money for trainers, money for chefs,money for healthy food, time to exercise etc. What she said is exactly all it takes, a good diet and dedication. That’s it. You do not need a lot of time, half hour max, you do not need a trainer….plenty DVD’s, exercise channels on tv and activities to choose from (take a walk outisde, ride a bike etc.) that are free of cost. EVen if you can’t do it every day, three or four days a week is better than nothing. Most people can find at least half an hour to carve out move their bodies, they just choose not to.

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