Bethenny Frankel: Lot’s of Love!

How sweet!

Recently released pictures show Bethenny Frankel spending Valentine’s Day with her daughter Bryn, 2, in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Bethenny and her daughter had lunch at a local eatery M Cafe, then played on the grass and took stroll before returning to their hotel.

Bethenny filed for divorce from Jason Hoppy almost three months ago.  Just the other day, Jason was spotted still wearing his wedding ring.

“Bethenny just can’t understand why Jason is still wearing his wedding ring! It makes absolutely no sense to her because they have zero plans for reconciliation,” a source tells Radaronline. “Bethenny thinks he’s doing it to garner sympathy and to appear as the wounded party. Jason told her he’s still wearing the ring so that their two-year-old daughter, Bryn doesn’t get confused. But that reasoning doesn’t fly with Bethenny because Bryn’s still too young to understand that her parents are getting divorcing, or to even comprehend what that means.”

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  • Skye

    He probably wears his ring because he’s a devout Catholic who takes marriage seriously.

    • HA

      I like Jason & Bethenny and as I’m not in this marriage have no idea what has or is going on beyond anyone else who watches thier show.

      I am not catholic and I have no idea why Jason is continuing to wear his ring however I have to say if its because of being Catholic then I have to call hypocrisy. A devout catholic does not have sex before marriage. Bethenny was eight months pregnant when they got married and they were already living together.

      I don’t care if people choose to live together or have kids before marriage etc but don’t pull the Catholic card! His parents might be, but he is certainly not living a devout lifestyle!

      • LaKesha

        How can you be so sure that he is not living a devout life? We all fall short at times, but there is redemption for each of us. Even devout Catholics, Christians, Jews, etc. have sin in their lives. Sin is a part of us all.

  • May


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