Denise Richards Does The School Run

Mom-of-three Denise Richards was spotted picking up her eldest daughters Sam, 8, and Lola, 7, from school along with their little sister Eloise in Los Angeles, Calif. on Tuesday (February 26).

Denise recently shared a photo of 1-year-old Elosie and big sis Sam on Instagram, “Night Rider …before bed..”

Denise and ex Charlie Sheen let the world listen in as they had some back and forth friendly banter via Twitter Oscar Sunday.

It all started with a Tweet to Robin Roberts from Richards while she was cleaning the garage, “you look ravishing.” Sheen responded, “Hash tag suck up.”

Denise answered, “Come help me clean the damn garage for their playroom.”

“I’m BUSY LADY! LOOK!” Sheen tweeted a photo of him and a friend.

“Yes I see,” Richards said. “Time to pack it in and GO TO BED you have a 5:30am call . . . 3 1/2 hrs so get your ass up to your room.”

Charlie replied, “I SAID LOOK!” and tweeted another photo of himself .

Denise answered , “Charles . . . not to be a buzzkill . . . But this is the point where the night can go sideways.”

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  • Dani

    How can Charlie not spend more time with these girls?! They’re adorable!

  • dawnscasa

    Charlie does spend time with his girls & their brothers & Eloise. If you look at his twitter page, you will see numerous pictures of him, driving them to school, him with the girls & their brothers,spending the day on Anger Management, cooking Sunday dinner at Denise’s house, flowers on her birthday. One caption states “Proud Papa”

    • dawnscasa

      Also, anyone with a sense of humor would of found their tweets to one another funny, when she said the night could go “sideways” and he tweeted back with a left sided picture. “Charles” !!!!

  • anonymous

    She seems like a good hands on mom. She doesn’t seem to get the praise that some other celeb moms do though.

  • Tee

    Sam looks like Charlie.

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