Heidi Klum & Gang: Coffee Run

Heidi Klum and her bodyguard boyfriend Martin Kristen take her four kids – Leni, 8, Henry, 7, Johan, 6, and Lou, 3, for an early morning Starbucks run on Sunday (March 3).

The romance between Klum and Kristen seems to be going strong – the couple has been dating since September 2012.

The supermodel mom will be the latest addition to the hit reality show, America’s Got Talent – joining Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, and Melanie Brown.

The kids’ father is Heidi’s ex-husband, musician Seal.

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Photo credit: AKM/GSI, FameFlynet

  • popsykl

    Henry is so very tall, and Johan looks taller than poor little Leni, she has tall little brothers!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    They all seem to look older than they are expect for Leni, who has gotten so pretty. All 4 kids are really good looking. Is Martin there as Heidi’s bf or body guard? I feel like that was really fast for the kids, but who knows I can’t really have an opinion since I clearly do not know her.

    • sarah

      What I find interesting is that people always point out how “big” the ears of the Affleck girls are, but apparently seem to fail to see the gigantic ears of Leni…

      • Dana

        what I find interesting is that you would even find that interesting.

    • sheyla

      Martin is there as Leni’s biological Dad! They are Twins!! No Denying!

  • Anonymous

    I hate when parents let kids wear pajamas out in public. Pajamas are for sleeping. They are not newborns.

    • Anabelle

      I don’t see the issue. The kids are comfortable wearing them so what’s the problem? It’s not hurting anybody. Why would you be offended by a kid wearing pajamas? x

      • laura

        That pijamas should be clean to go to bed and if they go out in it they make them dirty?
        That pis are made TO GO TO BED, they are not sweatpants…
        A part from what common sense would say, we don’t know why this particular time Heidi let them go out like this: maybe there was an educational purpose, I don’t know..

        • Anonymous

          Who said they wore these to bed afterwards?

          How can you get so nuts about the clothes someone is wearing? Mind your business.

  • Heather

    Awe, I love seeing this family! Those children are all gorgeous! I think the boys and Lou look very tall for their ages. Leni definately looks like her mom, but I see some of her biological father in her too – I dont think she looks like the body guard, lol! Just because they are both white?? Heidi is flawless and I like seeing her dressed down like a regular mommy! Oh, and I love seeing kids in jammies, they look so cute and cozy!

  • Estella

    I noticed that Johan and Leni are very close so cute

  • Anonymous

    Leni’s ears are nothing like Violet’s. Violet looks like a taxi cab coming down the block with the doors open.

  • Anabelle

    Aww, that picture of Leni and Johan holding hands if frickin’ adorable!! x

  • Anonymous

    Anabelle – who said I was offended? Pajamas are for sleeping not wearing out in the street. Apparently you haven’t learned that yet.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, nosy lady, you don’t get to decide when or how ANYONE should wear THEIR clothes. If they want to wear pajamas outside, why do you care?

  • Anna

    I think people don’t usually say anything about Leni’s ears because she has a pretty face & when someone has a pretty face people don’t normally notice the flaws. Personally I do think Leni is prettier than Violet Affleck but I do not think Violet’s ugly. I think she’s a cute little girl who I think will grow into her looks as she gets older.

  • Anonymous2

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