Shiri Appleby’s Bikini Bump

Girls guest-star and Roswell alum, Shiri Appleby, shared a shot of her bare baby bump in a bikini.

“T minus 20 days,” the mom-to-be, 34, captioned the above photo Friday via Instagram.

Expecting a surprise delivery, the Chicago Fire actress is currently enjoying a babymoon with her fiancé Jon Shook.

“He really wanted to do it and it sounded like fun,” Shiri said of keeping the baby’s gender a surprise. “It’s really made the whole pregnancy a heightened excitement because you just don’t know what it’s going to be!”

The mom-to-be celebrated her baby shower, and recently opened up about the joys of pregnancy.

“When you see this guy going to all the doctor’s appointments with you and you tell him you’re feeling a certain way and two minutes later he’s looked it up on the Internet to tell you that it’s normal, you realize that you’re really starting a family with somebody,” she said, “and it’s just -— there’s no way to look at that person and not be more in love.”

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • Ano

    That’s a tiny bikini! But she looks good.

  • She looks adorable! Why is it that pregnancy makes your bum look flat, even after he baby? I just purchased some scrunch butt swimsuits from World Swimwear (sexy one piece monoknis), that makes me look FABULOUS.. I gave birth 22 months ago.

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