Halle Berry: School Pick-Up

Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry picked up her daughter Nahla, 4, from school in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Monday (March 4).

Berry’s hairstyle in her latest film The Call is getting a lot of attention lately. The 46-year-old, recently explained why she picked something so completely different.

“With social media today, and with paparazzi that follow you to the market [and] to school with your kid, people see you, like, all the time,” she tells CNN.

“So it’s becoming harder and harder for actors to escape who they really are and have people suspend belief. … So for me, the first thing that has to go is [my] hair. That’s become synonymous with who I am. So it was just about finding a hairstyle that kind of made sense.”

Why didn’t she use longer locks? “We tried that, that didn’t feel right,” the actress said. “We modeled it after somebody we saw in one of the centers. Kind of stole it, you know. But the hair’s been an issue, people have brought it up – every single person has brought it up.”

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  1. Tay

    Seriously, why does the Halle Berry school pick up continue to be considered newsworthy day in and day out? This picture plays out before us several times per week. Even if I liked Halle, I would be annoyed by the same exact picture over and over. Why are tabloid still paying money for these shots at this point? Enough already.

  2. Heather

    Seriously this woman looks hot no matter what she has on. Her skin is always glowing.

    I agree, paps shouldn’t be at school pickups though!!

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