Jamie Lynn Spears Engaged?

Are wedding bells in Jamie Lynn’s future?  According to our sister site, CelebrityTeenScoop, former Zoey 101 star, Jamie Lynn Spears, will be walking down the aisle with beau Jamie Watson.  If she takes his last name, they’ll both be known as Jamie Watson!  Will daughter Maddie be the flower girl?  Check out the latest scoop on all your favorite young celebs here.

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  • Heather

    Jamie always looks so happy and present in her photos! I am happy for her that she seems to be doing well.

  • J

    Actually she would be Jamie Lynn Watson. Her first name is Jamie Lynn. She has what some people would call a double first name.

  • nona

    It must be pretty kooky to be in a relationship with someone who shares your name. Since it’s Jamie Lynn’s father’s name, as well, it’s extra trippy.

  • Sarah

    I know everyone got on her for getting pregnant at 16..but I really love how she has handled it..I love that she chose to get out of the limelight…with the insanity that follows her family I think its great that she was able to get away from it all..and it looks like she has done a great job of raising Maddie…I cant believe how big she is already. I hope Jamie is a good guy for Jamie lol..how weird to be with someone with the same name..but I wish them true happiness and I hope he’s a fantastic role model for Maddie~!~

  • visitor

    hope they’re not related

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