Melissa Joan Hart On Couponing, Baby Weight, Returning To Work

Actress Melissa Joan Hart is the newest celebrity owner of Yowza!!, the leading location-based mobile coupon app. Encouraging the end of paper coupons, the mom-of-three says Yowza!! in the perfect way for families to stay eco-friendly and save money.

Melissa opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her three sons – Mason, 7, Brady, nearly 4, and Tucker, 5 months – the end of her maternity leave, and her return to work at Melissa & Joey. She also weighs in on the media’s obsession for women to lose the baby weight quickly. Continue reading below…

CBS: How are your boys doing? Tell us a recent funny story about them.

MJH: “The boys are adjusting well after our temporary move back to L.A. to film the third season of Melissa & Joey. They have added horseback riding to their weekly activities.

Most recent funny story: Mason and I were discussing the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which he hasn’t yet seen, and I told him we should read the books. He asked me with concern on his face, ‘Why is it about diarrhea?’ He doesn’t understand what a diary is.”

CBS: How is it being back to work at Melissa & Joey?

MJH: “We are back in the swing of things and I am warming up my funny. It’s nice to be back at work, this time with my family nearby which is a nice warm feeling on top of the joy of being back at work making people laugh.”

CBS: Do you celebrate Earth Day in your home? Tell us some of the ways you teach your boys to be eco-friendly. Is this important to you?

MJH: “I have been hyper aware of our footprint on the environment for a long time, since my days in Nickelodeon studios as a teen when I helped launch a recycling program.

The boys understand about waste, about not letting the water run (it uses up all the snowflakes is what we tell them) and about recycling. We also find times to ride our bikes instead of take the car.”

CBS: Please weigh in on the media’s obsession with celebrity moms and their post-baby bodies. Do you feel the pressure to lose the baby weight quickly? How do you manage to keep a strong sense of self-esteem in image-obsessed Hollywood?

MJH: “I do feel the pressure to be back in fighting shape after baby, but that’s pressure I put on myself to work hard and not be complacent. I don’t let other people pressure my decisions but I also know that in my industry, keeping in shape is key to getting good jobs.”

CBS: Tell us about teaming up with Yowza!! What is it all about?

MJH: “Yowza!! is a mobile coupon app that tells you where the best steals and deals are wherever you happen to be. Yowza!! coupons are all digital, which means it’s great for the environment and extremely convenient.

With Yowza!!, busy moms and dads no longer need to waste time clipping coupons. I couldn’t shop without it. I’m a part owner and huge ambassador. I am spreading the word everywhere I can about Yowza!! and why every mom should be using it and looking at what’s on there every day.”

MJH: Why did you get involved with Yowza!!?

MJH: “As a mom of three kids, I know how crazy life is — especially when also balancing a career, etc. I don’t care who you are — who doesn’t want to save money?! I want to make a difference and believe that Yowza!! can really help so many families and business owners.

Not to mention, we are green. So I got involved because I felt I coud really help get the word out and make a difference while helping moms like me save some serious money.”

CBS: What do you love about Yowza!!?

MJH: “I love the fact that Yowza!! is listening to its users and adding new retailers all the time. In fact, they just launched Carters & OshKosh B’gosh on the app. I know I will be shopping there!”

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  • Lilou

    Hyper aware of earth day, super responsible and totes cares about the environment! But votes Republican, a party of climate change deniers. Sure, Romeny kinda sorta conceded that climate change is probably real, and probably caused by humans, but then he danced back across the line when his party smacked him down. Until Melissa starts demanding that the party she PUBLICLY endorses starts doing something serious about caring for the planet, not just token gestures on earth day, I have no idea why she’d bother opening her mouth on the subject.

    • Dana

      As if democratic voters are doing so much to combat climate change. This passing the buck and blaming the other side really needs to stop.

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