Justin Bieber Angers Parents

Justin Bieber Performs at The O2 In London

ctsJustin Bieber is used to hearing cheers and screams when he steps onto a stage but he was greeted with something else at his London concert on Monday (March 4) – the boos of parents and their young kids. The singer reportedly started his concert at 10:23pm – a full two hours late and way past the bedtime of many of his school-age fans, angering many who had been waiting hours to see their idol.

One parent – there with his 8-year-old daughter – talked about planning their night carefully, only to have it ruined by Justin‘s late arrival. “I called the O2 yesterday to find out what time the show was ending. They told me that Carly Rae Jepsen was on at 8 and then Bieber was on at 8.30, finishing at 10.15. But he didn’t even come on until 10.35,” he said.

“Keeping the fans waiting for two hours is an absolute disgrace,” he added angrily. “[My daughter] got to bed at after one in the morning and then had to get up for school this morning. And I know that at least two or three children have actually missed school today because they couldn’t cope with the late night.”

Did those parents have a right to be angry? What did Justin have to say?  Read on at CelebrityTeenScoop.

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  1. Anonymous

    And this is on Celebrity Baby Scoop because?

  2. ashleyr

    Completely agree with the previous poster…this does not seem the right type of website for this story…

  3. anonymous

    Okay. Were there any celebrities or celebrity babies in attendance? I don’t come on a celebrity baby site to read about Justin Beiber and all of his crazy fans. If the parents were worried about having the children out that late on a school night, they should have left. I know they probably paid a lot, but if my children had to miss school because this kid showed up over 2 hours late, I’d be quite upset.

  4. Elle

    He is a celebrity and I would rather read that than see Jennifer Garner at the Brentwood Country Mart 3x a day!!!

  5. TabithaFan21

    If there bedtime is that early than they don’t need to be going to a concert that doesn’t start till 8 at night. If they are too young to stay up that late then they are too young to go to a concert.

  6. Jessica

    Gosh when will he just go away!

  7. Michelle

    that’s what you get for being a fan of bustin beaver

  8. adrienne

    You mean people still like him….

  9. Jane

    I took my 10 year old daughter and as we live outside of London we got home at 2am. Yes it was a little annoying that he was late but his performance more than made up for it. To all those parents complaining. Don’t take your kid out on a school night if you don’t want them up late! No matter what time the show started it would have been past a respectable 8pm bedtime anway so stop complaining!

    • Anonymous

      You don’t care that this ‘man’ has so little respect for his fans (including you and your daughter) that he casually thinks you should just sit there and shut up and wait until he feels like starting…….. a full TWO HOURS after he was supposed to start? Do singers get some special treatment in your eyes? If your doctor showed up 2 hours after your appointment, would that be ok? How about if you showed up 2 hours late for work, think your boss would like that?

      This guy is a punk, and he’s getting worse by the year.

  10. Lau

    No. This is not why I’m in this website. Please no Justin Bieber. Promote your other site if you want, but don’t give me news unrelated to the topic of this one.

  11. J

    I think the parents and fans have every right to be upset. They paid for a service and the service was suppose to start at 8pm. Not 10 hours after. I think everyone that attended the show should have been refunded their money.

  12. Anonymous

    He used to be a squeaky clean kid now he’s turning into a irresponsible classless low life jerk.

  13. Shannah

    I agree, he should have more respect for his young fans AND their parents since they’re really the ones footing the bill for the concert tickets in most cases, keeping him in the life he’s become accustomed to!

  14. Lizzie

    Justin said he was 40 min late due to technical difficulties going on. I choose to believe him and his camp and not the effing tabloids.

  15. musiclover

    I agree with those are saying that this post doesn’t belong on this site. He is not a patient and he is not the child of a celebrity. If I want to hear about him, I would ho to TMZ or Perez Hilton.

  16. Tonia

    Maybe it’s just me. but 1) I wouldn’t take my child to a concert on a school night. When I was a senior in High School, Lauryn HIll came to my city.. this was 1998/9 the HEIGHT of Lauryn’s popularity. My mom said no before I could finish the question. 2) I’ve been to quite a few concerts since then, and I never expect the main act to start on time. 2 hours late is excessive, but I read somewhere else that it was actually only 40 mins… shrugs* . Either way kids+ school night (does not) = concert.

  17. Jane

    He WASN’T two hours late! He was 40 minutes late and yes I’ve been kept waiting at Drs that long and even longer and for my train in to work. It’s life, deal with it. Tabloids in the UK are notoriously the WORST and hardly very factual. I was there, he was NOT two hours late and nor was he booed when he came on stage. Don’t believe everything you read. The kids is only 19 give him a break and stop being such jealous over reactive judgemental people. If you weren’t there then keep quiet it’s got nothing to do with you!

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