Is Kate Middleton Having A Girl?

It seems Kate Middleton may have let the sex of her baby slip when a well-wisher gave the the Duchess of Cambridge a teddy bear during a public appearance Tuesday (March 5).

A bystander heard Kate say, “Thank you, I will take that for my d…” before she quickly stopped her comment.

Another bystander told UsWeekly, that she asked Kate if she had been about to say, “daughter” to which the Duchess replied, “We’re not telling.” Another bystander heard her say, “No, we don’t know.”

Kate is expecting her first child with husband Prince William in July.

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  • Anonymous

    “Thank you, I will take that for my d…”

    • anon

      My money’s on d-bag husband.

      • Anonymous

        Did Prince William do something wrong that I’m unaware of?

    • Jane

      lol, would make a great chew toy

  • Denym

    can we start calling her by her full name, Catherine? She is gonna be queen. You dont see people talking about Prince Willie, do you?

    • Kellsbells

      The name Kate was fine before marriage, so it’s fine now. I really don’t see the problem. Oh, and even when she becomes Queen and is given the title Her Royal Majesty Queen Catherine, she will still be known as Kate.

    • Anonymous

      Princess Diana went by Di 99% of the time and I don’t think anyone took issue.

      • Dana

        But the press called her by her full name… Diana.

  • A

    She won’t be Queen. Prince Philip is only the Queen’s husband and not a the King, and Kate will be the King’s wife and not the Queen. There can only be one King OR Queen at any given time.

    • Emily

      Unless the person they marry is King or Queen in their own right. For example, if the King married the Queen of another country.

    • Alexis

      King’s wife automatically becomes queen (queen consort, like the current Queen’s mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mum). Queen’s husband has to be given the title — she did not given Prince Philip that title (he’s prince in his own right, Prince of Greece and Denmark). Queen Victoria also didn’t give her husband the King Consort title — but he did get Prince Consort, at least.

  • SMH

    Well whether she slipped or not I always had a suspicion it would be a baby girl. I think Diana would of loved a granddaughter. Maybe she is working in mysterious ways. I think I heard too that the baby is due close to her birthday??

  • Elizabeth

    I think she meant to say “dog” but then thought it might look bad. Either way I still love her and want the best for them. I think a lot of people are invested in the boys’ happiness because their mother was so well-loved. Diana would be very happy.

  • Meka

    I think the baby would be a baby girl, and she will looks like just like her beloved grandmother “Diana” lovely and beautiful…and the baby would born to be the queen.

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