Kate Middleton: How Royalty Prep For Parenthood

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From our friends at BabyCenter.com! By Carolyn Robertson.

They may be royalty, but it seems that Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William are like most expectant parents when it comes to prepping for the arrival of baby #1.

Having debuted her still tiny bump a couple of weeks ago, the mom-to-be is starting to shop for maternity wear now that her tough first trimester is behind her. While she could no doubt afford to splash out on a super chic new wardrobe, her only purchase on a recent trip to London’s TopShop was a surprisingly thrifty one: A stretchy dress that cost a mere $55.

She likely won’t be able to resist the urge to splurge when it comes to other baby necessities. Take the stroller, for instance. While you or I may inherit one from a friend or pop over to Target, picking the royal pram is a bit more complicated. British manufacturer Silver Cross is the traditional choice – perhaps we’ll be seeing Kate at the helm of one of their new $3,000 Aston Martin strollers?

Prince William, meanwhile, seems ready to take on the role of doting daddy. “It’s become an almost daily ritual for William to chat to her bump and sing a lullaby or song,” says a source, adding that he’s already gearing up for diaper duty by watching “nappy-checking” YouTube videos.

“His brother Prince Harry thinks it’s hysterical and can’t stop making fun of him but it’s all good spirited.”

While prepping for baby is all well and good, what everyone really wants to know is: Are they having a boy or a girl? Or, in their case, a king or a queen?

The Mirror‘s royals reporter Victoria Murphy, who is busy covering the pregnancy for BabyCenter’s UK blog, mused on the topic in her latest post.

“[If] William and Kate have had a 20-week scan they too could know by now whether the country’s next heir will be a future King or Queen,” writes Victoria, who is also expecting her first baby – in her case, it’s a girl – in July. “But I’m certain that, unlike me, they won’t be blabbing their findings to the world. I really couldn’t see the Queen approving of that. So Britain will have to wait until July to find out what the future of its Monarchy will be.”

We should have plenty of opportunity to speculate on the royal bump, though, as Kate is busy filling her calendar with public appearances in the coming months – next up is a visit to the town of Grimsby tomorrow.

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