Sarah Jessica Parker & Twins: Snowy Day!

Let it snow!

Sarah Jessica Parker and twins Loretta and Tabitha were seen on their way to school this morning in New York City on Friday (March 8). The girls had fun playing with the snow and walking through it with their mom and babysitter.

At the same time, dad Matthew Broderick was doing the school run with 10-year-old James Wilkie.

The pair – who are hands on parents were seen taking the kids to school throughout the week.

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Photo credit: AKM/GSI, FameFlynet

  • Jenn

    I love how all her kids dress so normal, just like the rest of us.

    • Anonymous

      Who says I dress normal?

  • Mary

    I still cannot remember the names of the girls, but the one with the brown eyes and straight hair always looks like she says “it wasn’t me, I didn’t do it”. Beautiful girls!!! Love seeing them

  • DJ

    One of her daughters looks like she has a cold, can they really not drive in a warm car on days like this?? Hello, the flu is running rampant in the north!

    • Lola

      If they go to school ,they are going to breath other kids germs all day :D. Why take them into a car and take away the fun to walk under the snow (for what we know the school is 3 blocks away from home.

      Don’t be so judgemental and overreacting

  • Veep

    Their mom knows best, but from the pics, it looks like those jackets are too small. The gloves appear to be knit gloves (not warm). And Loretta’a hair is not fully covered so will get wet. I hope it’s only a short walk for them!

    • Lola

      Seriously???? I think my kids mught not make it to their 18th bithday, as I let them out in the snow, put knit glove on them and don’t always cover every inch of their skin when we walk ten minutes…. They seem perfectly dress for me.

      • Veep

        I always say, different strokes for different folks. Which is why I prefaced my comment with an acknowledgement that their mom knows best.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, your entire post was a diatribe AGAINST how their mother dressed them.


          • Veep

            Bilmey. This is obviously a sensitive subject for some people …

  • duncan faber

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