Get the Look: Jessica Simpson Maternity

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Jessica wears her own Jessica Simpson Maternity Elbow Sleeve Lace Trim Maternity Dress – $69

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  • Tay

    She always insists on looking tacky. If she would just wear regular clothes, get a haircut that is flattering to her age/face, and stop trying so hard, she’d have a chance of still being cute. But she seems to always prefer looking like a tranny. She has way too much make-up on and it doesn’t match her coloring. Her hair is RIDICULOUS. The bumpy it and extensions look so outdated and ugly and she’s much too old at this point to have that much hair. It cheapens and ages her so much. Whether she is heavy or normal weight, she is always a mess because she just doesn’t have any fashion sense and because she just tries way too hard. Everything about the way she dresses and behaves screams “uneducated hillbilly who got lucky and made some money.”. She has no class whatsoever.

    • Kaye

      WOW! Judgmental much? I am not a huge fan of her either-but really?

    • christie

      somebody sounds jealous!!!

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