Nicole Petallides: “As A Working Mom You Strive for Perfection Every Day”

FOX Business anchor and mom Nicole Petallides keeps us updated daily reporting live from the New York Stock Exchange.  When she isn’t keeping up with breaking financial news on the trading floor, she happily goes home to her two active boys.

Nicole, who just celebrated her 25,000th TV hit yesterday, opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her two sons, now 8 and 10, and her favorite motherhood moments. She also gives a glimpse into her “high intensity” work schedule and how she manages to balance her professional and family life.

CBS: You’re a Fox Business anchor, reporting live from the NY Stock Exchange daily, give us a glimpse into your daily schedule.

NP: I’m on at least 30 times a day, roughly every 15 minutes from 9 to 430  and often have shots before or after those times. My day usually starts around 4am.  My first hit is often  between 6 and 830 a.m. , but I always hit at 9 am on FOX Business Network’s Imus in the Morning. All day I’m on every 15 minutes so just enough time between hits to talk with traders and read and prepare the next report. It’s high intensity all day and breaking news.  I often finish after I complete the national Fox News Radio business report by around 5pm. Then home for dinner with the family, and whatever each night.  I crawl into bed by 9pm. I do work occasional weekends doing reports on Fox & Friends between 6 and 8 am. As a family we’re busy also on weekends with activities and fun family gatherings. My younger son never sleeps past 630am on any day, ever! We definitely need to work on that!  Luckily he’s very cute & we both love to watch Tom & Jerry at 6am!

CBS: We hear you’re mom to two boys.  What are they into?  Do they get along?

NP: I am the mother of two fun rambunctious, energetic, very sweet and smart boys ages 8 and 10 years old.  They get a long most of the time. I hear the giggles from their room many weekend mornings where they have bunk beds and games. They play sports and video games and just explore life together. Do they bicker?? Of course! On occasion we have to “discuss” why we’re having a disagreement.  But they know they are each other’s best gift in life. My husband and I tell them over and over they must stick by each other forever. They are blessed to have each other. And they do already have a wonderful bond and friendship.

CBS: Do they take after their mom and play soccer?

NP: They’ve tried just about every sport but right now their focus is basketball. They hope to play in the NBA, of course! We’ll see if they can achieve that.  They’ve tried soccer, lacrosse and flag football and just didn’t love those the way they love basketball.  They play a lot and have hoops in their bedroom and now another in the hallway of our home ( as if the bedroom one wasn’t enough.)

CBS: So many moms struggle to find that balance between family and career, how do you do it?

NP: As a working mom you strive for perfection every day and nothing ever seems perfect. But we are very lucky and the boys feel lucky and they are loved and have a great life. I’m extremely lucky I’m part of a great team for our kids including myself, my husband, my parents and their sitter. All hands on deck all the time and we make it through.

CBS: What have been some of your favorite motherhood moments so far?

NP: The kisses and hugs and those genuine ”I love yous” that kids don’t  give too often are my favorites. I’m so proud of  all they do and the thoughtful people they have become. The boys make me laugh and are my absolute everything!   I love when they tell me what their thinking at any given moment. They are smart but really funny and witty too.  YES, of course I’m biased, I’m their mom!

CBS: When you make plans as a family, what are some of your favorite activities?

NP: We have two party guys on our hands, so a lot of visiting with friends and family all the time. They never want to sit home. In the winter we hit the slopes for snowboarding and the summer the beaches, tubing & jet skis. Other usual hot spots include zoos, amusement parks, arcade, bowling, shows/movies and good food with good times attached. For example this past weekend we went to Jekyll & Hyde in New York City’s Times Square for a ”spooky” theatre lunch experience with skeletons, talking mummies, and a mad scientist who brings Frankenstein to life, all while eating our burgers and pizza. It was a lot of fun and got our kids and their friends talking and laughing. That’s my favorite part. 

CBS: Is being eco-friendly a priority in your household?  Please share some of the ways you’re teaching your kids to be environmentally friendly?

NP: We live in New York City and we try not to use too much of anything.  Life in moderation. Though sometimes that seems unattainable. But, fewer chemicals is our overall choices for the most part in foods and all we do.  We don’t let the water run. We turn off tvs and lights in rooms we’re not using. The most obvious is we recycle.  The boys have their chores and daily responsibilities.

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