Surprising New Facts About Whitney Houston’s Love Life


There’s so much we never knew about Whitney Houston’s rollercoaster life.

Just a little more than a year after her tragic and sudden death, tales of wild sexual escapades with costars, once confidential FBI files investigating crazed fans, and a touching note from her grieving daughter have brought the late singer back into the headlines.

Actor Ricky Schroder spoke of his intimate relationship with a teenage Houston, which included a make-out session, during Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo.

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Photo credit: Splash

  • DJ

    She’s not here to defend herself. Can we not let her RIP, rather than digging up dirt on her life?

  • Rosy

    This article is a bit out of place CBS..

  • Anie

    I thought the exact same thing when i read it. What the heck with this article here?

  • SiervaMaria

    I love that photo of her with Bobbi Kristina as a toddler. They all three very look happy, healthy and together. Whitney had such a great smile and was really a beautiful woman.

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