Gabriel Aubry Carries His Pretty Preschooler

Over the last week, Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry shared the school run duties for their 4-year-old daughter Nahla in Los Angeles, Calif. In a tender moment, the pretty preschooler stroked her dad’s prickly beard while he carried her to class.

At the recent premiere for her latest film The Call, Halle told reporters her daughter picked out her dress.

“True story. I showed her two outfits, I said, ‘Honey which one do I wear,'” Halle said. “And I wore the one that she chose.”

Addressing the rumors that she’ll be returning as Storm in the next X-Men movie, Halle said, “I’m in. I think I’m in,” she shared. “I am excited. I love Storm. That’s one of my favorite characters that I’ve played. And people love that character as well.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/AKM-GSI

  • Annie_S

    Nahla is always making these faces.. She probably has the acting gene : )

    • Mia003

      She looks like a little rat to me. You can tell she is autistic in her mannerism like the constant face touching and the faces she makes. She also has a funny look to her eyes and face.

      • K007007

        She’s a child you ignorant tw*t! Children make faces, children touch people, and children are not rats! I wish I could say the same for you.

  • romi

    cuddles for daddy 🙂

  • Jesse

    They so obviously dye Nahlas hair, you can see her roots!

    • SiervaMaria

      And you’re obviously ignorant about the nature of hair and genes, DNA etc. You have the internet at your disposal, use it.

      • Jesse

        I’m a hairdresser so i’m obviously not ignorant about the nature of hair. I see parents bring their children under 6 come in to get their lightened all the time. You can see Nahlas obvious roots.

        • SiervaMaria

          Then you REALLY should be studying up on hair because you’re not a very knowledgeable about it if the first thing you do is state emphatically that the child is getting dye jobs. I repeat, you’re ignorant about DNA and genetics
          and you need to get educated. The End.

    • Ano

      It’s the sun!

    • Hagar

      Wow, really? Only an idiot wouldn’t realize that (1) her hair was lighter when she was a baby and they haven’t cut that off yet, plus (2) it’s winter. The hair that’s been growing out of her scalp all fall hasn’t gotten much sun and is naturally going to be darker. God, I can only imagine what foil-begotten skankmares issue forth from beneath your hairdressing hands.

  • N

    I really have to go to LA to understand why people at 20+ sunny weather wear boots.

  • Tee

    Some people’s hair have dark roots and light ends, especially bi-racial kids. Gabriel’s hair is light, Halle’s is dark, Nahla’s is a mixture… It think it’s natural.

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