Anya Sarre and Chudney Ross Celebrate ‘Mom’s Night Out’

Celebrity stylist Anya Sarre and Chudney Ross, daughter of iconic singer Diana Ross, recently hosted ‘Mom’s Night Out’ at Books and Cookies in Santa Monica. The pair invited trendsetters, bloggers, and VIP’s to come shop the latest and greatest in products, services, beauty and lifestyle for moms.  In addition, guests were pampered with relaxing beauty treatments.

It was a fab and fun night for everyone! Moms in attendance browsed and sampled luxurious products like Delaney Wellness Skincare (made from grape seed extract) and Daniela Corte’s line of faux leather leggings, as well as fun and functional products like Therafit‘s stylish and comfy shoes for on-the-go moms, and DaddyScrubs‘ line of “I’m The Daddy” gifts and apparel.  Nail Garden was also there giving mani-pedis and guests got to leave with a bag overflowing with goodies like an animal blanket by Mud Pie and tasty all natural egg white chips by ips chips.

Barbara Adler, wife of musician Cisco Adler, was there joining in on the fun. Celebrity Baby Scoop was able to catch up with the mom-to-be and ask how the pregnancy was going.

“Easy! Really easy. I am lucky,” Barbara said about her pregnancy. “I am five months along and the pregnancy has been really easy for me. I am due in August, and this is my first child. I am really looking forward to being a mom! I have been eating right, and I’ve also been trying to be healthy by getting enough rest and exercise so I don’t feel so sluggish.”

The excited mom-to-be also shared what she is looking forward to the most with the new baby.

“I am really looking forward to giving my baby love. It is going to be a boy, and we don’t have any names picked out yet.”

Has she been experiencing any crazy food cravings?

“Yes! I eat steak all the time, oranges, and I gobble down anything citrusy,” Barbara shared.

Amidst all of the pampering and fun, Celebrity Baby Scoop also chatted with Anya Sarre about her experience hosting ‘Mom’s Night Out.’

“I am so excited to host this event, because every mom deserves a night out. Being a new mom myself, I understand how you get caught up in it,” the celebrity stylist said. “It’s so nice to leave the babies at home, be around other fabulous moms, and get pampered and spoiled. This event offers something for all of the moms here. I am so excited to host this and be able to provide moms with this amazing night!”

We also got the inside scoop on how her new son Sawyer is doing.

Sawyer is absolutely amazing. He is a little cuddle bug who loves to laugh,” gushed the happy new mom. “He also loves photo shoots! He’s been on seven or eight red carpets by now. He knows where the camera is and when sees the camera, he turns and smiles. I’m not even joking. [laughs] He never cries; he’s the best baby! I take him everywhere. I’ve taken him to photo shoots, I can take him to events, and I take him to Saks Fifth Avenue. I take him everywhere.”

Did Anya have any special motherhood moments to share? Of course!

Every day there is a special moment! I think the first time he smiled is of course a huge moment,” Anya revealed. “Also when he laughs. I am obsessed with dressing him up…I change his outfit like five or six times a day. [laughs]  Now I care more about what he wears than what I wear, which is a big difference. I think all of the milestones are really special. I love the moments when he is with his dad and they are just laughing and hanging out.”

We also had to ask how she is able to balance her busy career and family life.

“You know, it’s not easy. I am not going to sit here and lie and tell you it’s easy,” Anya admitted. “It’s really a challenge and I think it’s a challenge for every working mother. Everyone will tell you it’s about balance, but it’s really about making each moment count. I love working, I love what I do, and I love my time with him. Really, it’s just about not getting sleep. [laughs]  I’m like, what’s sleep? Who needs it? Who needs sleep anymore? [laughs] I think it is great to be able to keep working and doing all of the fabulous stuff I am doing and then have my time with Sawyer. He’s so good, honestly I take him with me.”

Anya was also happy to share what else she has coming up.

I have the most amazing schedule coming up. I am hosting a celebrity baby shower and I am hosting the celebrity Red Dress Fashion Show for L.A. Fashion Week, ” Anya said. “It’s a charity fashion show benefiting The American Heart Association that will feature 20 celebrities all walking in red dresses. I will be up there in a red dress too. Don’t ask me what I’m wearing, I don’t know yet. [laughs] I will be up there hosting that, which is so exciting. Lots of great stuff coming up.

Like Anya Sarre, ‘Mom’s Night Out’ co-host Chudney Ross was very pleased with the event’s turnout.

I am so happy with the event’s turnout. It was the first time we have done anything like it,” the event co-host said. “Lots of local fabulous moms stopped by, as well as really cool vendors. The beauty room and photo booth were a hit, and the drinks were great.  It was awesome. Really happy with how everything turned out! For me, especially as a new mom, events like this are important because they help you meet other moms going through the same stuff you are. Events like this allow you to have fun. You get so focused on being the best mom you can be, but it’s fun to just sometimes get out, have a glass of wine, take silly pictures with other moms, and meet new people.

We also asked Chudney about her new daughter, Callaway Lane.

She is doing so well. It’s so crazy to have a baby for the first time and it’s so hard at the beginning,” Chudney shared. “However, little by little I’m getting used to it. She laughs, she giggles and she thinks I am the funniest person around. She’s so fun and I’m just really enjoying having her and watching her grow. She is getting big so quickly!

The daughter of singing icon Diana Ross was also happy to share her special motherhood moments.

I guess the first time that she laughed out loud. Now it’s like my every day is just about trying to make her laugh and making her happy. She laughs hysterically when the dogs scratch themselves or when they bark. It makes all of that craziness worthwhile. It’s so fun.”

Chudney was also happy to share advice for new moms that she wishes she knew before her delivery.

My biggest piece of advice and the biggest lesson I learned is to not have expectations on how it is going to be,” the new mom revealed. “My birth wasn’t exactly how I wanted it to be and I thought the beginning was going to be much easier. It was so hard! You have to really take away the expectations and just try to enjoy every minute even though it’s so hard and you’re so tired. If you try to take time to enjoy it, looking back I think you’ll be much happier about it. In the moment you’re like, “Oh! My birth isn’t how my birth plan was!” Looking back, it was still perfect just the way it was. Just let go of expectations.

Check out some of the other great products and services represented:  Mud Pie, Nail Garden and Daniela Corte.

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