Kourtney Kardashian’s Sunday Sweeties

Mom-of-two Kourtney Kardashian was photographed with her 8-month-old daughter Penelope at the LA Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, Calif. on Sunday (March 10). The reality star toted her tot alongside her longtime love, Scott Disick, and their 3-year-old son Mason.

The day before, we spotted the family-of-four lunching at Label’s Table in Woodland Hills. Rocking her new bangs, Kourt was all smiles as she left the popular eatery with her sweet son.

In the recent episode of Kourtney & Kim Take MiamiKim Kardashian, gets a vampire facial, and Scott sounds off on his girlfriend’s post-baby body.

When Kourtney voices concern about her post-baby weight, Scott chimed in about how 93 pounds would be “the dream” weight for her. Scott thinks he’s just kidding around, but Kourtney took it more seriously.

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  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but I have to be honest and say that every photo I see of this child, is hard to look at. She has to be the most homely celebrity child out there.

  • Chane

    Pretty Family!

    • Shirley

      Pretty UGLY family!

  • Missy

    Maybe little Penny is going to be a swan, and blossom when she gets older.

    She looks a lot like her father, with her mother’s nose and coloring.

    • Mickey

      I’m glad someone here is posting a sweet, positive message! All those harsh comments, come on people, thoughts are free, but it’s another thing to say everything ‘out loud’…!

      • Mara

        Well, that’s the internet. It’s like being in someone’s head.

  • maryf

    She will improve her looks. She has to.

  • Jessica

    Poor baby. She is not very cute at all. Lets hope she has a great heart and personality as she gets older. Poor babe. I actually think mason is cute but this little one didn’t get the cute genes.

  • kamila

    Oh man… that baby is… I’m sorry but that baby is ugly. What an unfortunate looking child.

  • lulu

    The baby girl has an old person’s face…sorry, but looks weird.

  • vanessa montenegro

    I don’t understand why people say she’s not a cute baby….She’s adorable. If anything, Jessica Alba’s girls are not very attractive. They have rough features that make them look odd, and look nothing like Jessica, who is very pretty!

    • Ainslee

      That’s not true. Jessica Alba’s girls are getting prettier by the day. Honor is really coming into her looks and Haven is not far behind. As for Penelope she looks more attractive when she’s not squinting into the sun.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be honest here, she is just plain homely. And, hopefully she will grow up to look better. After all she will be able to have plenty of people and money to help her.
    That’s what is good about being rich.

  • Anon

    She always looks like a serious troll.

  • MUD

    yeah, she looks like Bender from the Breakfast Club. Or Scott Stapp.

    • Anon

      Hahaha, you know what you are talking about!

  • Tanisha

    She is not cute at all and neither is her brother. She has an enormous head and face like an old man, both her kids do. Sorry just my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, WTF? No Comment.

  • ms. heart

    I wonder what Mommy thinks when she looks at her? i bet she knows. she must know. yikes!

  • anonymous

    I’ve always thought she looked a bit like a Cabbage Patch Kid

    • anonymous2

      an ugly one

  • SMH

    Poor Penelope didn’t really get the pretty genes. But I’m sure she’s a lovely little baby girl.

  • Anonymous

    And I thought the Affleck and Sandler kids were ugly but this one takes the prize.

    • May

      Ahh, I don’t know. On my list, the Sandler kids rank number one.

  • sheida

    the ugliest celeb baby i have seen. no surprise though the parents are ugly too and so is her brother

  • Tee

    None of the Kardashian sisters looked cute when they were young so I think there is hope penelope. For goodness sake Kourtney dress her with some cute clothes, it’s not fair. Cut Mason’s hair pleeeeeeeease!

    • Leah

      I agree, especially Kourtney, she looked odd as a child. I’m sure she’ll be cute when she gets older. If not, they have enough money for surgery.

  • popsykl

    scott looks hot!!!!!!

  • Xxx

    2 decent looking people made too homely looking kids. And it doesn’t do Mason any justice with that long, stringy, unkempt hair. That outfit Penelope is wearing is hideous.

  • Jenn

    I feel so bad she has the father she has. It would make me sick to know his dna was part of me. Eww makes me want to barf just talking about it!! Shes a cute little one though.

  • Anonymous

    She should have had more of his DNA, then maybe she wouldn’t have looked so ugly.

  • Sophia

    I think Mason, complete with his gorgeous long hair, looks so freaking adorable! He looked a lot like Nellie looks now when he was her age, so no doubt she’s going to grow out of her awkward Cabbage Patch doll stage. She’s got good DNA behind her!

  • Gemi

    I think she’s adorable, go ahead and thumbs down me!

    • Anonymous

      You’re entitled to your opinion. No crime there. Personally, I think she looks a lot like my grandfather.

  • alys

    Perhaps all the negative comments are due to the fact that this family present themselves as fame hungry, vulgar, masters at self promotion. Whereas this is no reason to post negative comments about baby Penelope, it may be because all the press about the Kardashians seem to show that none of them are very nice people-at all.

    Remember, it is not the baby’s fault she is a part of this family.

    • Jessica

      Nothing to do with the family she is in. I actually like Kourtney, I think she is a wonderful mother from what we’ve seen and read, but this baby is one ugly baby!!

  • Devyn

    She is ugly. It has nothing to do with her family other than inheriting those unfortunate genes.

  • joy

    that baby cracks me up!!!

  • Tee

    She looks like a midget grandma! Very funny looking baby!

  • socks

    Penelope is just a baby, her hair will be longer (like Mase) and she’ll turn into a beautiful little girl… It’s hard to say that babes in that age looks good or cute… BUT I think she’s freaking cute like his brother Mason.

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