Naming Your Baby: The Meanings Behind Classic Names

mamiverseLately it seems if you don’t give your child an original name, you haven’t made enough of an effort. What’s wrong with a simple Anna, Julia, Sebastian or Daniel? Now colors, fruits, geography or the calendar are the source of inspiration for names that would be more appropriate for a pet. Celebrities are at the forefront of this trend, in a crazy race to surpass each other with the most unique baby name.

I have to agree many have a nice ring and are very musical—and, once in a while, I really like a new fancy name and wonder why it didn’t occur to me. Because I admit, when naming my first child, I gave it quite a bit of thought. In fact, even at the hospital after she was born, I still hadn’t made a decision. But I went a different route and chose classic names for my two girls, doubting that 20 years later a new name, however poetic, would still be music to my ears.

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At one point of another those classic names where unique. At one point of another those classic names where made up by someone and were different. Not everyone has to follow what others do and settle for what others things is allowed or approved! Freedom means that! Everyone is free to pick any name they want for their children. And one day those too will become classic names because someone wasn’t scare to be a follower.