Bindi Irwin: All Grown Up!

Conservation expert Bindi Irwin and her mother Terri were spotted leaving their Sydney Hotel on Monday (March 11).

Since her father Steve Irwin’s death in 2006, Bindi and her family have carried on his legacy.

“The older I get, the more I want to tackle the issues people don’t want to talk about,” Irwin told the Australian Associated Press.

Even though Bindi works hard, she’s still a teenager. “I have friends who come to the Australia Zoo, and it’s just instead of playing video games, we get to hug and kiss a giraffe, or walk a tiger.” says Irwin.

“My life is certainly not common, but I think of myself as … a ‘normal’ teenager.”

The 14-year-old will star in Return to Nim’s Island, the sequel of the 2008 flick Nim’s Island – airing on the Hallmark Channel.

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Photo credit: AKM/GSI

  • Anonymous

    She grew into a pretty girl….

  • Toya

    She’s so beautiful.. Looking like her daddy ( :
    She will carry on his legacy!!

  • Jessica

    They raised her beautifully! What a great soul she has!! And I’m also a little jealous how up close and personal she gets to be with these amazing animals!!

  • Anon

    I grew up watching Steve Irwin, and seeing Bindi all grown up makes me miss him so much. I didn’t even know the man, so I can’t imagine how much the Irwin family must miss him. Such an amazing family!

  • Sandra

    Oh what a beautiful young lady she has become! Steve and Terri have done a wonderful job. She is a very mature lady for her age. She will definitely carry on her fathers legacy for sure! He would be so proud of her and her brother and his wife Terri. I am sure he is looking down upon them with such pride! Keep up your dad’s work Bindi!

  • Lynn in the South

    I love these photos and story. Thank you CBSBlog for posting a story that isn’t Holly-weird.

  • Anabelle

    I love Bindi. I’ve adored her since how she handled herself at her father’s funeral, and I read an interview with her mother back then in which she said Bindi had made the decision to stop selling faux fur in the zoo’s gift shop because it gives the wrong message. If I had a daughter like Bindi, I’d be so immensely proud. x

  • Shirelle

    Wow she has grown up so much!

  • Eliza

    Good on you Bindi…you’re an amazing girl and your father would be so incredibly proud of the young woman you have turned into 🙂

  • Annie

    Woah! God bindi’s grown up! Not the girl I remember 10 years ago! Yes she is pretty, but she’s getting a little big For a 14 year old in my opinion, And-crikey!- so is her chesT! Lol! What happened? I thought she wanted to battle obesity in children, so made a video to encourage fitness!!!

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