Charlie Sheen’s Message To Daughter’s Bullies

Don’t mess with Charlie Sheen‘s kids!

After his 9-year-old daughter Sam was bullied at school, the troubled actor took to his Twitter page Wednesday and asked his 9.1 million followers to help him send a message to her tormentors.

“Cadre! This is a legitimate call to arms. My daughter Sam was bullied out of Viewpoint school and then called a liar. It’s on!” he wrote. “If you have a rotted egg a roll of toilet paper or some dog s–t; I urge u to deliver it with ‘extreme prejudice’ to their KamPuss run by trolls and charlatans Make me proud.”

The father-of-five went on to vent via social media.

“We will not tolerate this level of abhorrent disrespect towards the child of your favorite Warlock,” he continued. “And if your feeling the ‘show and tell’ of it all, smear the s–t to spell one name on the front door; VICTORIA. Eat that loser. C hashtag LYLMN?”

No word from Sam’s mother, Charlie’s ex-wife Denise Richards, on the situation and Twitter rant.

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  • Lulu

    Geez. This is not the way to handle it AT ALL. I can’t think of anything worse for poor Sam.

  • klutzy_girl

    This isn’t right, for a grown man to go after a nine year old like this. Now, what that girl did wasn’t right, but I feel bad for both her and Sam now.

  • Ano

    He looks really bad. Poor kids.

  • Mary

    Despite what he is doing, if this really happened to Sam, this is pretty sad. These girls didn’t pick who their father was and I bet it had something to do with him. I feel horrible that Sam was bullied. What the hell is wrong with Americans and their obsession to constantly bully and attack people? Why have we become such a degrading sickened society.

    • LaKesha

      Just look at all the bullying that happens on this site aimed towards people most of us will never meet.

      • Rose

        Making a negative comment about someone on a celebrity gossip website – or disagreeing with someone who comments on here – is not bullying and it’s an insult to those who have truly been bullied to imply that it is.

        • Anonymous

          You obviously don’t read much on this site. The bullying is astounding. The things people will say about other human beings (ESPECIALLY children) is disgusting. And yes, lots and lots of it rises to the level of bullying.

          • Kimberley

            yea, people have said some really evil things. look at who they are bullying the hell out of now– Justin Bieber!

            poor kid, i feel bad for his mom (because she is so sweet)

      • Kimberley

        that’s true. the internet has given people equal platform and equal say as the regular televised-based news media junction.

  • marie

    Inappropriate way for a grown man to handle a situation like this.

    • Kimberley

      absolutely, sometimes i have to question whether or not i am dreaming that a grown man would subject his CHILD to international scrutiny.

  • Anonymous

    Charlie needs to go back to school and learn how to spell. It’s YOU’RE not YOUR. And I’m sure she’s bullied because she has an idiot for a father.

    • Kimberley

      i caught that. 🙂

  • SMH

    wow bullying back now that’s very grown up of him!!

    I don’t know why bullying is so prevalent these days but all I can think of is it’s the environment and the upbringing of how kids are being raised (or lack of being raised) and the parents who want to turn a blind eye bc they never want to believe that their beautiful angels could be so cruel to another human being.

    A little boy in a community near us just died last week from a bully attack. Maybe you heard about him in the news Bailey O’Neill it made national news. and yesterday I heard of a mother who instigated her daughter to fight another girl in school who was bullying her daughter. Even after the daughter and the “bully” shook hands the mother can still be heard egging them on!!
    Parents need to wise up and act like grown ups!
    Charlie Sheen you are no better to go after and pick on a 9 year old child. Sorry Sam was bullied but the best way is to have a talk w/ the school and or the parents of the child. Often things get resolved and if they don’t you teach Sam to stand up for herself (not to bully back but to stand her ground and let that bully know that she is not bothered by her insults). Ugh. Sorry for the rant just so tired of all this bully nonsense with kids!

  • Anon

    Ha. Serves the bully right. People give kids too many chances when they’re bullies. Kudos Charlie.

    • Joy

      I agree that bullies get away with a lot but an adult bullying a child on the internet via social media is very low class. This child needs a good talking to or maybe detention. Not for a grown man to call her out. They are still just children.

  • Joy

    So basically Charlie Sheen is a Cyber Bully??!

  • Gemi

    So now it’s an adult bullying a child?

    Sam and Lola and the twins would be better off if their “father” was out of the picture. How embarrassing, he probably made it 10X worse.

    • Kimberley

      I know! I was like (CRINGE-)

      I’d be mortified if a parent aired dirty laundry on an international scale…. oh my GOD.

  • cassey

    I hope that that LITTLE GIRL’S parents sue him for this. She is a CHILD for goodness sake. Bullying is never ok, but children make mistakes and being threatened over the internet by an adult (especially a famous one who arguably holds a lot of power) is not acceptable. And he used her name?!

    • dela

      Suing him will bring the girl public. We don’t know her last name now do we? He should have gone after the idiot parents of that girl.

      • cassey

        We don’t know her last name, but we know what school she goes to and we can assume that she’s in the 3rd grade (like Sam). All it takes is one of Charlie’s deluded fans to put 2 and 2 together, and the children at that school could be in danger.

        • Kimberley

          yea, i know… with clues…its easy to whittle things down to nothing until there’s nothing left but an obvious unequivocal answer

    • Kimberley

      is her name really victoria?

  • Tanisha

    Your post was spot on. I don’t recall the bullying so bad years ago like it is today and I agree 100% it’s a lack of parenting. The parenting today is absolutely atrocious.

    • sam

      Sam seems so shy in public and the shyest ones are usually the biggest targets for bullying.

  • Danielle

    What an idiot! Bullying is not acceptable in any way, but first things first this is a 9yr old child, be the adult and go down the proper channels. Secondly, he’s the reason she is getting the grief, most parents want to shield their children from embarrassment the best they can, he’s fuelling it.

    • Danielle

      Just to add, I actually hope the family and or school sue him now and he has to publicly apologise. What if some equally delusional person goes to that school and does something dangerous, what about the innocent children who just happen to go there??

  • Veep

    Bullying so bad that she had to leave the school? What the hay is going on at Viewpoint??? I’d say Charlie’s beef is with the school admin who could not handle their 3rd graders.

  • Still WINNING! He gets even wilder the deader he gets… How many grams of rock do you think Zombie Charlie Sheen can bang down? Put on your party face and see at on the Zombie Walk of Fame!

  • KIDS first

    Bullying is inexcusable however it comes from pain, feeling out of control, think about it, if you are a happy positive person, would you bully or protect?

    It’s the parents, not the children, we live in a society that berates stay at home mothers, in other words a ‘good’ mother MUST work, and if you stay at home and put your kids first you apparently watch daytime TV all day. I know you need money to raise kids (obviously), but you don’t need 2-3 cars, expensive holidays, designer pets, latest technology, the list goes on and on.

    Then they give kids ipads, iphones, etc etc and as the parent/s get home on bedtime, SCREAM the message: You are not enough for me, I need to work also (and lie that it’s ALL about money), I had you for me, not for you. KIDS AREN’T STUPID!

    And because kids cannot process or explain all this to their parent/s, they take it out on other children! IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

    And what if they come from a broken home or worse are abused?

    • Anon

      Are you actually trying to claim bullying is caused by working mothers?

      • KIDS first

        ONE of the reasons children feel neglected and act out (including bullying) is they are given noooooo time and attention from their parents, specially working mothers; 30 years ago, IT WAS SUPER RARE for a mother to work unless she had extenuating circumstances (single mother by death not by selfish divorce) and then the child would understand later her mother did it for him/her.

        If you work and don’t have extenuating circumstances then your child WILL feel neglected and karma will bite you in the arse – good luck in the teenage years. I CHALLENGE you to find ONE case of anything from bullying to murder where the person had a childhood full of attention, love and care. IT all starts with the mother. 1+1 =2.

        • Anonymous

          Amen!! The only thing I would change about your post is that you only fault mothers.

        • ivy

          if a child is being bullied, they are most likely in school, so what is wrong with the parents working while the child is in school?
          I know a lot of stay at home moms feel lazy and inferior, but don’t take it out on hard working moms who have degrees and work hard on their careers.
          It IS possible to work AND give children attention, maybe you aren’t able to do it, but millions of moms can and do.
          There’s no need for you to be at home eating twinkies and watching soap operas while your kids are at school.

  • musiclover

    This is just wrong! I feel so bad for Sam if she was bullied, but what is he thinking?! He just keeps proving time and time again what an idiot he is.

  • AnAmerican

    Charlie Sheen could really do something to help stop this national epidemic of bullying. Sadly, we are always reading of yet another child who has been bullied to the point of a tragic suicide. The one group, whose work I have followed for 20 years, is Focus Adolescent Services, They have been making, I feel, the greatest impact in changing this problem. If Sheen placed his support behind them and aided them in their good work that would be both positive and productive. I feel that we all, if working together, could put an end to this. Support Focus or any group whose work you believe in. We are loosing too many children and too many children are suffering from constant bullying. Come on Charlie, reach out and help; you know your power, so put it to good use.

  • Lianne

    This is NOT the whole article.

    Charlie’s ex wife Denise Richards met with the bully girls parents 3 times! and the other girls parents sad that Sam was lying. Nothing was done about the bullying situation at all. The principal did nothing and the parents of the other girl did nothing.

    Charlie should have dealt differently with the situation, but we need something to be done about the bullies in our schools. That little bully girls parents are a prime example of why children bully at school.

    • T

      So Charlie’s rant might not have been very mature, but it sounds like they already tried to deal with this maturely. When you’ve got kids committing suicide due to bullying, WHO CARES if some little 9 year old bully-girl gets her feelings hurt??! Not me! I’d rather have a few hurt feelings then a dead child.

    • Veep

      OMG! The principal at Viewpoint needs to be fired! I hope he/she is flooded with emails from outraged parents (and fans). I hope he/she feels what Sam felt during this bullying. This is outrageous behavior from a professional.

  • Lianne

    I should add that Sam became physically sick from what was happening at school. Yet the principal did nothing. How outrageous is that.

    • Veep

      Outrageous. I see that the school has a headmaster. I hope he loses his job.

    • Kimberley

      that’s because we are love-beings. we are not meant to be abused. that’s why when people are abused, it affects physical health and that’s when things start to go awry.

  • smh

    Sadly that seems to be the problem parents dont want to believe their kids are hurting other kids and schools who should intervene turn their cheek & look the other way.
    Bullying was never an issue when l grew up. Kids did sometimes say mean things but nobody got beat up or picked on. Why? Probably bc our parents cared. Our teachers cared. And none of them were afraid to address the issue or discipline the child. Today parents want to be their kids friends & let them do whatever they please.

  • Allergy Attack

    I love Charlie but does he realize that this could spur a Sandy Hook if a kook gets involved?

  • NYCMommy

    Actually although I dont agree with Charlies approach to the situation…. It seems like his rant is against the school not the bullying child. So he is not bullying a child he is address schools lack of follow through and wants people to TP, or throw dog poop at the school not the kid.

    • Joy

      But if I’m correct he named the child, “Victoria” ….he should of refrained from naming this child.

  • a-voice

    oh man, he’s embarrassing his kids!!!!

    oh great…if you want it to stop… just TELL the press…. TELL the press……………..

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