Get the Look: 7 A.M. Enfant

Camila Avles Takes Her Kids For A Stroll

Levi wears a 7 A.M. Enfant Chapka 500 Hat – $30

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  1. Anonymous

    It looks like Levi still isn’t growing. A soon to be 5 year old is the size of his 3 year old sister. I’m surprised he’s so tiny since his parents are quite tall.

  2. Ann

    Oh no!!!!! Let’s call police, FBA and CIA!!! Seriously? Give us a break.
    Every time the same comment. So he’s not growing, so what? He will be tiny forever. I have seen pictures on the other site where you can see he is actually shorter than his 3-months-old brother Livingston!

    Seriously he is average height for his age and on every single picture he is obviously taller than Vida. I know I haven’t stopped you. The next article about Alves-Mcconaughey family will get your comment “Levi is tiny” below.

  3. Ann

    Anon, I did when I finished writing my comment.
    It’s just… the kid is almost 5 years old and for at least last three years I read the same comment-Levi is tiny.

  4. Anonymous

    Ann, wow what crawled up your stink hole? How do you know Levi is average height? Are you the family physician?

  5. Ann

    How do you know Levi is not growing? Are you the family physician?

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