Jennifer Garner & Her California Cuties

Another busy week for the Garner-Afflecks!

Butter star Jennifer Garner carried her 1-year-old son Samuel while walking hand-in-hand with her 7-year-old daughter Violet after school in Brentwood, Calif. last week. She was later seen taking her 4-year-old daughter Seraphina to karate class. 

And on Friday (March 15), papa Ben Affleck stepped out with Sera for breakfast at the Brentwood Country Mart.

Last weekend, Ben and Jen attended the John Varvatos 10th Annual Stuart House Benefit in Hollywood, Calif. They were seen posing with pals on the red carpet.

As a Neutrogena spokeswoman, Jen is sure to practice what she preaches when it comes to sun protection.

“I think I once told my kids it was against the law not to wear sunscreen,” the funny mom recently said.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry but these kids are odd looking.

    • TiffanyMW

      Their kids are not odd looking. Violet looks just like her mom and Seraphina looks just like her dad. Sam i think looks like both, depending on the photo. Their daughters are going to be gorgeous when they’re older and their son is going to be a heartbreaker.

      • mrs. trumbell

        i agree, but sam looks like matt damon! lol

    • LALALA

      I think Sera and Sam are adorable. Violet, not so much.

  • Tiffany

    No they are not. They look like their parents who are pretty decent looking people. Vi & Sam have their mom’s tighter eyes and Sera looks like her dad. What’s odd about that?

  • em

    They do resemble their parents but that still doesnt make them the CUTEST babies Ive ever seen. But theyre not hideous! I think as they age and get older they will be very attractive.

  • Jenn

    I think they are a really cute family. But good taste in shoes… they don’t have that!

  • sandra

    This is totally irrelevant and inconsequential, but she’s never pictured with all 3 kids at once. Obviously they have different places to go, etc., but with all the stalking the paps do, they never seem to catch her with all 3 kids. Just an observation.

    • candice

      My initial reaction to this was something along the lines of “How nice, she’s spending a lot of “one on one” time with her kids instead of bringing them all out together en mass”. But then I realized — who am I kidding — she probably prefers to have a maximum of 2 at a time and doesn’t want the headache of managing 3 small kids at once. With paps all over the place, there are safety considerations too — much harder to keep an eye on 3 of them.

  • arabella

    yes I think violet and Samuel are very odd looking children.just like Willa Nary Tennessee James.

  • Kayls

    Does anyone else think jen looks pregnant again

  • Oy

    I hate frequently seeing negative comments about Violet here. I’ve always loved how quirky she is! She also seems confident and happy, and I hope she stays that way as she’s adorable.

  • TiffanyMW

    What a disgusting comment. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Else

    Is she pregnant? I think I see a bump!

  • Anonymous

    Why is that a disgusting comment? Because I made an observation? My child has Down Syndrome and there is nothing disgusting about my child. Samuel looks a lot like my son.

  • Justi

    Sam no look like a both parents. He is all Jen

  • melanie

    Strange that despite being followed and papped almost every day – sometimes multiple time – she is often pictured with 2 of the kids but never all 3 of them at once… Just an observation.

    • clarissa

      It’s hard to manage three small children at the same time. She probably leaves one at home with the nanny or Ben.

    • anonymous

      I’ve noticed that too. I guess everyone could be such a hands on mom if they only had to take care of one of their kids at a time. I don’t understand having more children than you can handle yourself.

      • anon.

        Good point!

  • anonymous

    She does look pregnant again. I wonder how they will handle a fourth kid when they seem a little overwhelmed with three?

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