Kim Kardashian Bumps It In Beige

Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian was seen lunching at La Scala in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Friday (March 15). The pregnant reality star, 32, stepped out in beige dress with a flow down hem. Accessorized with a cream blazer, the brunette beauty opted for flat sandals instead of her signature heels.

After lunch, Kim enjoyed an ice cream cone and took the time to pose with some fans.

Kim recently got bangs and debuted the new look on her Twitter page.

“I did it! Blunt bangs!!! Thanks @philipwolffhair,” Kim tweeted.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, rapper Kanye West.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet

  • Ano

    Is she wearing a curtain?

  • Rina

    She looks cute and comfy.

  • Someone

    She looks a *bit* better but still what the hell is she wearing?!

  • Bink

    Get thee to a stylist!

  • kamila

    She’s so swollen already. I was the same way when I was pregnant. Puffy and water retentive. It was awful.

    • LaKesha

      Did it help having someone mention it to you?

      • noname


      • kamila

        LMAO I’m not Kim Kardashian flaunting myself in front of the paparazzi and living a public life, loser.

  • AJ

    She’s not wearing heels or tight clothes (common complaints of past posts) and yet people still whine about her outfit. Who cares? I hope she and the baby are doing well.

  • Mary

    Not the best looking dress, but she is certainly looking better. I hope she has a great stylist to help during her pregnancy, the bangs on her and Kourtney look great.

  • Jenn

    She just can’t seem to get it right. She winds up either looking like a tent or a pig in a blanket. She needs a maternity stylist. Though I do think her hair looks pretty here, and am glad to see she is wearing flats instead of her usual sky high stripper heels.

  • ms. heart

    she is nothing but a dirty sloppy disgusting moral-less narcissist and her man K will cheat on her and leave her in 1..2…3… let’s start the count down to the next drama which no doubt she will livestream. disgusting.

  • anonymous

    What is up with that hemline?!

    That said, If the hem were different, the dress wouldn’t be AS bad as the messes she has been seen in for the last 3 months.

  • Faye

    Wow the colour isn’t her trademark black!

  • Bria

    Not a fan of that dress….

  • Sookie

    She tries too hard

  • v-girl

    Looks to me like that dress is a bit dangerous for a preggo, her feet could get tangled up and a terrible fall could result. Looks weird to boot.

  • anonymous

    Not a fan of the dress or the thick bangs, but at least she took off the stillettos for a change.

  • me

    that dress didn’t look comfy at all…

  • Kristina

    As for the second photo: what crass and invasive fans! Sticking one’s tongue out and pretending to lick another’s face? Eesh, I’m surprised KK doesn’t have a bodyguard, if she has to encounter such immaturity that regularly.

  • JennyG

    Her sister Kourtney looked adorable during both her pregnancies with photos of only a few exceptions. Kim looks like she is trying too hard. If she would just accept that the weight comes with being pregnant and starts accentuating her condition, she would start dressing more flattering. Poor thing looks like she has no idea what she is doing.

  • Ekaterina

    Breezy beauty

  • Holly

    Planet of the apes face.

  • Victoria

    For once she actually looks really good, colours suit her & so does the style.

  • Doreen

    Damn…she can wear whatever she wants. Why do you even look at this post if you don’t like her…her in germany you don’t really see or hear much about her, but I think she is looking good and don’t care what other people say. She was growing up different, but I still think she is very down to earth on her way. ANd by the way, it is difficult to find something you feel good in when you are pregnant, and althought it may look not this good for us, it is amazing that she is this strong woman who don’t care.

  • Barbara C

    She looks a lot more comfortable here, and at least she’s not wearing those gawd-awful stilettos, but look at the color difference between her face and her hands. You could scoop that foundation makeup off with a trowel — it makes ME want to go wash my face!

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