Jennifer Garner & Kids: Saint Patrick’s Day Trio

Busy mom, Jennifer Garner was seen heading into Gelson’s supermarket with 4-year-old Sera and 1-year-old Samuel – along with their nanny this morning, Sunday (March 17).

The family was in the spirit – dressed in green for St. Patrick’s Day. On the way out the store the siblings snacked on a bagel. Little Samuel had on a Boston Red Sox cap, just like his dad…Ben Affleck.

Yesterday, Jen and Ben had some alone time together.  The couple were spotted shopping for a piano in Beverly Hills and afterwards headed to lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Brentwood.

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  • TiffanyMW

    The photo of Sam with his Red Sox hat is SO cute! Ben must be so excited to have a son to carry on the Boston sports fan tradition with him and to watch and go to games together when a gets a little older.

    • AJ

      Yep, cause his daughters can’t do any of that!

  • JAP

    Aww Sam has a balloon!!!

  • musiclover

    Still one of my favorite celebrity families! I love Sera’s outfit! So cute 🙂

  • Elle

    I swear Americans care more about St Patty’s day more than the Irish!! Overdoing it with the green.

  • Anon

    I’m bummed that now even CBS has moved on from posting HQ versions of photos.

    • Lisa Weber

      Click on the photo and it gives you the HQ version.

  • Rosemary

    Is that a bump I see?

    • Essa

      I’ve said that about EVERY picture i’ve seen of her lately!

      • Madylane

        Me too! Maybe an Argo baby?

  • Mary

    Sam’s looks when he is looking at the paps looks so much like his dad even though he is identical to Jennifer. Just a beautiful family. She does such a fantastic job as a mom!

  • meme

    There isn’t a single day when Jennifer and Ben and their kids aren’t photographed. Most days it’s 2, 3 or even 4 times a day. Why? I don’t remember that happening with any other celebrity couple, even more famous ones. All of those other celebrity couples have kids and they go to school, to extra schools activities, parks, shops.. everywhere and they aren’t photographed, at least not everyday. And most of them have paps staying outside their house. They just do everything to avoid them. Not Jennifer and Ben, they seem to do everything to be photographed. Those poor children.

  • Veep

    Sam and Maxwell with those lips! They’d make a cute couple as grown-ups. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    He’s got the smallest beadiest eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why this family is photographed EVERY DAY. Can’t this website put up pictures of other kids? I’m tired of looking at these faces every day.

  • Anna

    The Afflecks and The Warrens are my fav celebrity families! They’re always smiling I love them!

  • Annie

    And again, Jen is wearing baggy, ill-fitting pants. Why a woman with such a beautiful features and figure would dress so frumpy just baffles me.
    And this came after the kids: google pics from 2007, she was drop-dead gorgeous. I just think it’s too bad.

    • anonymous

      She doesn’t look frumpy to me. I think she always looks cute and comfy, never overdone. Even if she did look “frumpy” as you say, why does it matter? Is she supposed to dress in sparkles and sky high stilettos for a trip to the park?

  • Sophia

    They sure make cute kids!

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