Christie Lynn Smith’s Blog: Abby’s Tough Transition

Actress Christie Lynn Smith is inviting Celebrity Baby Scoop readers to follow along as she adjusts to her growing family. The General Hospital star and husband, actor John Fortson, recently welcomed their second child, son Joshua, on December 22.

In her fifth guest blog, the Paging Dr. Freed actress opens up about her 5-year-old daughter Abby’s transition into big sisterhood. While the first few weeks were a breeze, “the tide changed a couple weeks ago.” Continue reading how Christie Lynn helped her daughter adjust to the family’s new addition. 

“It was bound to happen. Abby, who just turned 5, kept saying how cute baby Joshua was, wanting to hold him, help dress him and I thought she really was keen on the idea that she had a baby brother.

But, the tide changed a couple weeks ago.

She told me she was “sad” that she didnʼt get a baby sister. Which I knew she felt that way when we found out we weren’t having a girl, but I thought that feeling had passed. And that “he is boring” and “wants to send him back.”

I told Abby that Joshua was not a sweater that we can return if we donʼt like it. I think she really thinks we can. My sweetie also expressed, how she doesnʼt feel like she gets time with us anymore.

My heart sank.

I know how hard this must be. For 5 years she had us only to herself. No baby for us to take care of, no crying to listen to, her needs were always put first. It must be extremely tough to feel that way.

My husband and I try everyday to give Abby quality time. But I must say these last few weeks have been challenging. Yes, the juggle is crazy. I should seriously be in the circus, because I am learning the skill very quickly.

Night time is crazy: making dinner, changing Joshua, breastfeeding him while I stand up stirring the veggies, or while we are eating, then trying to get Abby to eat her dinner while Joshua starts fussing, then getting Abby ready for bed, reading books, singing songs, changing Joshua again and putting him in the Ergo to comfort him if he needs it and changing him, getting Abby water and saying goodnight and taking care of Joshua who is probably crying once again because yes, itʼs feeding time again.

Wow, thatʼs exhausting just me reading it over!

So, with this changing world for Abby, we wanted to do something special for her.

Abby has been pretty attached to her crib, which turned into a toddler bed and sheʼs been in it for – well, her whole life. So, she has mixed emotions now that baby Joshua will be taking over her bed soon, after he grows out of the co-sleeper.

We wanted to make the transition special, so we got Abby a “big girl” bed. And Elonka from Elonka Nichole Designs designed the prettiest custom bedding made just for her.

Abby felt so special when it arrived and just loves sleeping under the soft pink minky which is inside the comforter. She told me she feels like a “princess.” I think this has helped with the adjustment. Well, maybe for just this week and Iʼm happy to report sheʼs back to loving her little brother once again. Mama is relieved and thrilled.

P.S. Elonka also made the cutest crib bedding for Joshua that coordinates with his big sisterʼs and Abby thinks that pretty cool.”

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  • Samantha

    This isn’t so much a celebrity mommy blog entry as it is a blatant advertisement. Guessing the bedding was comped, huh?

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