Blue Ivy Got Her First Kiss & Jay-Z’s Not Happy

From our friends at! By Sara McGinnis.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have a bone to pick with another famous family, after a Tinseltown tot got a little too friendly with their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter!

During an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, singer Alicia Keys shared of her and husband Swizz Beatz’s friendship with Mr. and Mrs. Carter, “When we’ve met, strangely enough it’s been in the studio. We do bring our children to the studio and the kids will hang out.”

“Egypt kissed Blue, and I don’t think Jay liked it very much,” the short-haired “Girl on Fire” singer went on to say. “He called my husband and he was like, ‘Watch your son.’”

My first kiss happened in the second grade, and the memory is filled with bittersweet notes. The short of the story is that a boy in my grade was dared to do it, so when we got off the bus at the end of the day he grabbed me and mashed his face into mine. I cried big, hot tears, and intensely remember all of the kids staring out the windows, gaping at the scene.

Here’s where the story turns, however, and makes me smile to this day. My older brother stood up for me at that very moment — the one and only time he’s ever done so in our whole lives — and socked that kiss-stealing kid right in the gut!

After that I wasn’t the only one being stared at, or the only one crying.

Care to share your first kiss story? I’m all ears.

Have your little ones been caught kissing, as Blue Ivy and Egypt were?

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  • sheyla

    Hahahahaha! That’s cute! (I don’t think it happened tho)

  • LA Woman

    That baby looks like Jay-Z. SMDH

  • God gives you all!I love all of u so much

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