There’s No Difference Between Same-Sex & Opposite Sex Parents

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For many couples, becoming parents is the most rewarding experience in the world. Gay couples especially, value the ability to have children through the miracle of adoption. Unfortunately, many people doubt the ability of gay couples to parent children and the adoption process is not always an easy one for them.

A groundbreaking study in the UK could change everything, making it easier than ever before for gay and lesbian couples to expand their families. “We know how important it is to find the best possible placement for each and every child in care — and we know that LGBT people often come to adoption or fostering as the first choice for expanding their family, bringing love, real enthusiasm and resourcefulness,” said Helen Donohoe, Director of Public Policy at Action for Children, LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week’s main sponsor.

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  • Anonymous9

    I’m in favor of same sex adoptions and parenting, but to claim that there is no difference is ridiculous. Of course there are differences when there is no mother or no father present; the whole dynamic is different, the relationships the kids are exposed to are different. Doesn’t mean it’s bad or damaging in any way, just that it is not the same and it makes little sense to ignore it or pretend it doesn’t exist.

  • Anon

    There is no difference. A child will still have two parents who love him/her as much as any other parents do.

    • Anonymous

      WRONG! There’s a reason that it takes a MALE and a FEMALE to create life! Obviously it is meant for children to have one of each when and where ever possible! However, I have no boubts that same sex couples love their children any less and the results of their parentage could be any worse than the results opposite sex parents are getting these days.

      • Anon

        I have actually read several papers recently on studies which suggested that lesbian couples actually tend to raise happier and more well rounded children.

        And if we are judging based on biology, men are built to ‘spread their seed’ and not stay in monogamous relationships.

    • mrs. trumbell

      thank you. i knew this comment section was going to be a f’ing mess full of bible beaters. ugh.

  • Ana

    There is indeed a difference. A lot of opposite sex parents abandon their children while same sex couples adopt them and give them a happy life.

    • Marilyn

      Not always. An example is Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn. They divorced and have two kids. It’s ridiculous to say all gay people stay together.

      • christine

        No one said “all” gay parents stay together. But it’s true that they are more likely to.

  • LaKesha


    • Meghan

      It seems that you either live a very sad life or are in fact a child. Gross? You are a gross human being. If you don’t agree, feel free to move on. But keep your rude and ridiculous comments to yourself. No one is forcing you to click on the comments section. Live your life and let others live theirs.

    • Louise

      Open your mind…!

      • Louise

        (That’s to LaKesha)

  • Truth

    Absolute garbage. May the God of the bible have mercy on you.

    • anonymous

      Your comment is absolute garbage.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous9 – your post was spot on. I totally agree with everything you said. I’m in favor of it too but there is a difference.

  • tia

    There is a difference. Point.
    It is not because there are people who do not agree that they are gross. I am not a bad person because I think that yes normally you need a man and a woman to have a kid. What is gross it to think that this is the same.
    But nowadays we have to accept everything, and the funny part is that if we do not agree we are narrow minded but if you do not agree with us is it is not a problem. Who is open minded here?
    I can accept adoption for same sex couples but no need to tell there is no difference.
    I know I same sex couple who teach their kid two dads can have a kid and that it is normal. For me they are not normal and this is just a ridiculous way of thinking.

    • anonymous

      Did you ever stop to think that for a same sex couple and their children, having two dads or two moms is normal? I agree with you that their is a difference. It’s obvious. But what isn’t different, is that these people will love their children just as much. They will raise their children to be smart and happy in a loving household where there’s no such thing as judgment. I respect your opinion, as I hope you will respect mine. But everyones normal is different. That’s why people think that comments like the above aren’t open-minded. Because normality is what a family makes it.

  • Rose

    Yes there is a difference having two males as mom and dad rather than a female and male. Let’s not be hypocrites about this and just because you know and understand that there is a difference does not make you close minded. In fact, you are open minded because you see the truth and acknowledge it as such.

  • D

    Tia I agree with you. They often say women choose a man who is like their father, there is a reason this expression came about. Your parents are your first role models of adults in the world, how they behave as individuals and in a relationship shapes you as an adult and the partner you will choose. For instance i used to work in a boys boarding school and as the boys didn’t spend much time around women or girls they didn’t know how to interact with them properly, acted awkward and sometimes came across as rude. I know growing up with a single mother and without my father around, has certainly shaped how I have been with boyfriends.
    I am sure having loving parents of any kind is great but to say there is no difference between same sex and opposite parents, is another political correctness parade trying to push out nature and common sense.

  • lulu

    While I have a lot of gay friends that I love and I am more than happy for every child that is adopted and gets a chance to have loving parents, I have to disagree that “there is no difference between same sex and opposite sex parents”. I just cannot imagine a child growing up in a same sex household (let’s say two men) calling for his mommy…it just does not seem very natural to me to call a man “mommy” or not having a mommy at all. As a mother of a two year old boy I can see how much he adores both his “mama” and “daddy” and I just think children growing up with same sex parents will be very confused and messed up for life. My opinion.

    • Gemi

      I doubt you love your gay friends, or you’d be more open minded and not so ignorant.

      A gay couple is still two men, it will not be “mommy and daddy” it will be “daddy” and “papa” or something. So because you can’t wrap your head around it, you throw it off as “messed up”? I’m betting you don’t understand quantum physics either, but some people do…and it works. Please, if you don’t know anything, shut up.

    • Anonymous

      So you think all the kids that have already grown up with same sex parents are messed up for life? Has it occurred to you to check? To do some research? To ask them? If you had, you’d find out that they are the same as ever other human. Some have problems, some don’t. Some are happy, some aren’t. Same as kids raised in every other type of family.

    • kuku lulu

      And I seriously doubt that a kid with two dads goes around crying for his mommy, since he technically won’t even know what that is.

    • Oy

      Why would anyone call a man “mommy”? Children with gay parents adore both of their mothers or both of their fathers the same way your son adores his parents. There’s nothing confusing or messed up about that.

  • Sophia

    Honestly, some people astound me. I can obviously see the difference between a family built by a man and a woman, and that built by two women/two men, but what I fail to see is the issue with the difference. Either way, the resulting child/ren are going to be loved and cared for, and ideally raised to be well-rounded, empathetic, intelligent, creative people. Children born to gay parents are never going to be “accidents” (excuse the crudeness), but will always be carefully considered, longed-for babies. And all the most important life lessons, morals, values and influences that a child receives from their parents aren’t specific to gender, they’re specific to humankind. There’s nothing a child could learn from two straight parents that he/she couldn’t learn just as well from two same-sex parents because- shocker!- sexuality has nothing to do with ability to parent.

  • Doreen

    Such an adorable family!

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